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Kaon/Lost Island VM should be queueable

Townowi's Avatar

07.12.2019 , 10:01 AM | #1
The paradox is that Kaon under Siege and Lost Island (thereafter, the rakghoul chain) are queueable only in MM, but not in VM, and yet even harder FPs are queueable in VM, namely the Iokath chain, with correspondingly low clear rates from the queue. Here the Iokath chain is defined as Crisis on Umbara, A Traitor Among the Chiss and Nathema Conspiracy in that order.

Reasons given in the past was the rakghoul chain was deemed too difficult (but that's in the 1.0 cycle; they predate even RotHC, and increasingly harder content has been introduced since) for VM queueability, but the Iokath chain feature bosses harder than even Sav-rak or Lorrick (VM of course), such as Umbara's first and final bosses, Valss, as well as the last 2 bosses on Nathema, which make the Iokath chain essentially a chain of MM FPs with kolto stations.

Now, Kaon's primary challenge lies in the trash, but its bonus boss is nonetheless as hard as the easiest boss in the Iokath chain (I think it's the second regular Umbara boss, or the Nathema bonus boss, in no particular order). Given these facts, here are two possible courses of action:
  1. Make the rakghoul chain queueable in VM
  2. Remove the Iokath chain from the VM queue

Which one would you prefer, and why?