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Difficulty of the hardest MM FPs vs. operations

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Difficulty of the hardest MM FPs vs. operations

Townowi's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 12:22 PM | #1
Disclaimer: I have cleared only 6 MM FPs out of the following 9 (which is a list that comprises IMO the most difficult MM FPs in the game):
  • Incursion on Korriban
  • Assault on Tython
  • Depths of Manaan
  • Blood Hunt
  • Battle of Rishi
  • Lost Island
  • Crisis on Umbara
  • A Traitor Among the Chiss
  • Nathema Conspiracy

Of the above, I cleared:

As a tank only:
Tython, Manaan

As a healer only:
Lost Island, Umbara, Nathema

As both a tank and a healer:

I understand that it's at least partially comparing apples and oranges, because they require 4 players as opposed to 8 or 16 for ops, but how do these MM FPs stack up to operations for difficulty, SM or HM?

P.S.: I seem to have the best luck in getting difficult MM FPs cleared when MM FPs are the order of the week on Ossus.

Rion_Starkiller's Avatar

07.08.2019 , 12:57 PM | #2
There's a lot more cat-herding in 8 man and 16 man operations, particularly with new players.

If you're asking where to start in operations, begin with Eternity Vault in StoryMode. I think it's most comparable to a HM Flashpoint. Karagga's Palace is next in order. After that, operations scale upwards quite a bit.

It's hard to give you a full breakdown because I've done the same raids over and over so many times.
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07.08.2019 , 12:58 PM | #3
if you pull your weight in these flashpoints you should have no trouble in sm ops. even then there are people who cant clear these flashpoints who can easily get carried in sm ops. HM ops are on a different level and hav much harder dps, hps and mechanic checks then any of these flashpoints.
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07.08.2019 , 01:06 PM | #4
Some of the flashpoints on your list are relatively easy if players follow mechanics and are minimally competent, others seem to have been tuned for 248+ gear (blood hunt) or for specific classes (Copero - much, much easier with ranged dps).

On the whole I would say that if you have a group that can follow mechanics and are geared in 230+ with proper stat distribution, then most SM Ops are easier than those MM flashpoints.

I haven't done many HM ops (EV,KP, and the single boss OPs don't really count) but they vary in difficulty and require a group where everyone knows their job. If you can clear the hardest MM fp then you should be able to do the easier HM Ops with minimal problems.
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07.08.2019 , 03:00 PM | #5
Personally I would compare Tython MM to Monolith SM (at least mechanically)...

Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
There's a lot more cat-herding in 8 man and 16 man operations, particularly with new players.
Especially true of tanking, hence why it was partially apples-to-oranges. Just that I approached harder MM FPs as a means to hone my skills so that I could be of use in HM ops other than EV, KP and the single-boss ones I cleared on my tank (Xeno/Eyeless).

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07.09.2019 , 10:19 AM | #6
Story-Mode operations are easily cleared with Pugs now, so outside of some freak occurrence where the whole group is completely clueless(and even's a 50-50 chance of clearing it) you should be able to get them all done, with or without MM FP experience.

Realistically, SM Ops and MM Flashpoints won't really prepare you for VM and MM operations. The requirements are almost completely different. Your best bet, if you want to get into that stuff is to find a group and learn by doing.