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what a dummie i am

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07.29.2019 , 12:21 PM | #1
playing swtor I notice my os was acting up, so I started task manager I notice I had run like 20 avast.exe in the background, I try as I could to uninstall avast! from my windows 10pro. nope, that didn't work it just hang there!

crap thinking I need to go into safe mode to un-stall this, so I use (RUN) msconfig, selected bootup option go into safe mode!

that was a bad move to do! I have been using the windows 10 pin 4444 number for a long time, guess what happens it ask for my old everyday password "appleFaker99" not the pin no# XXXX (<<sample only), I have forgotten it

I had to reset all windows 10pro like it was 1st installed, now loading everything back in like a load of bad bananas not happy at all

windows 10 log-in save info
windows log-in pw:__________
windows pin no#:___________
for adminstation acct:________

never think it would ask for a user password in safemod

btw being safemod you have to enter your password, no way getting around that, I even try to edit all type of ways to reset my password or just blank it out 0. no then work
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07.29.2019 , 01:41 PM | #2
I'm not sure if this will help you, but if it's a registry error, I use Wise The basic version is free and clears out any redundencies. Additionally, I use SpyBot to remove malware.
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