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why gods of the machine rarely form in fleet?

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Today , 09:35 AM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by mrphstar View Post
"Peolple want this...", "people dont want this..."
No mate, YOU want.
You and the OP are the minority of the community, as this thread has shown pretty good.

You want swtor to be fast paced and without challenges? Fine, go play a MOBA then. Have fun with their community, though
Let us enjoy the good "old" times where games where challenging and it was about the fun you had with friends while dieing to them over and over again.

One simple question: If you are playing a game you dont like, what would be a reasonable approach to change that?
Crying out loud for changes or playing another game instead?
(Not talking about reasonable changes, like balancing classes, fixing bugs, etc., the majority of the community can agree with. Nerfing GotM is not one of them)
I mean, its not like the game was a cake walk from the beginning and got harder over the years and you just want it to be what it was back then.
Its the other way around. Every content from class stories to OPs got nerfed to death already and you still want it to be easier. Thats ridiculous.
Hell, just yesterday I ran a solo FP for conquest points by running from boss to boss, pulling every single mob on my way, just to take a 5min break afk in front of the next boss, while the god droid and the level 50 companion manhandled the horde hunting me. Pulled the boss, went afk again. Came back, boss down, repeat. I literally did nothing to clear the FP. Thats what the state of the game is right now and people like you are the reason.
It's not me, it's the whole playerbase, the player number and the server merge wasn't caused by me.

I like this game for many things like its IP, story, character and the SH system, but I hope it could change to fit modern playerbase better. Especially since its new content is far from enough to attract real raiders.

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Today , 10:06 AM | #122
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
I disagree, I dislike just walking into the last boss unless it's like EV where there's not a lot of romm to fight adds, Izax's path has a lot of room due to the puzzle so if we take it out we add mobs to defeat.
TFB is the same, most of the ops give you a "break" before the final boss by providing some easy trash mobs or no mob at all because ppl need such break to refocus. Especially since IZAX has a very long fight.

I know the mob games are taking over but the hype will eventually die down and be replaced by something else, just like MMOs, if I had to guess battle royale is the next cash mine but I could be wrong, again though I don't think we ought to mix that kind of gameplay with SWTOR, as I said earlier Uprisings might've been fun but how popular is it? Is it worth re-inventing the wheel at the risk of losing your loyal playerbase that still hasn't left?
We don't need to make SWTOR MoB, but we need to make SWTOR more suitable to modern playerbase. Uprisings are ok, ppl are doing them. It just need improvement.

Again, SWTOR's loyal playerbase has always been SW fans and the story fans. Raid is never its main selling point. Hardcore raiders would have left after years without any new raid content. Most of the raiders I know have left or took a long break.

Then so be it, if people aren't willing to go through the hassle then they don't deserve a reward, I don't need the devs to hold my hand and if I find a group and we don't finish it so be it, that's life, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. So what is your suggestion? Make it so healers or tanks aren't needed? The trinity is there and should stay there re-inventing that kind of gameplay would only alienate the community. Heroics got a revamp yes, but that was the devs trying to make old content relevant while also giving a reward for it, the solo friendly isn't over exactly, you can still get the FPs in solo mode, however the game is focusing more on multiple facets than in Ben's time as well.
Then it means the content has been wasted=player drop. Especially raid took long to form, if it has a high chance of failure then ppl don't do them.

The game has been there already, they need to make it easier to form groups with less ppl required.

Meh, I heard the same thing for years "Game isn't doing well" "We're losing players" again I do think the game will one day end but I don't think it's it'll be this year.
I don't think either, but it certainly isn't going to a good direction, it could be improved and get more players back.

That isn't bad, again the lack of content is but I do prefer Keith's design of multiple aspects of the game over Ben "let's focus on story and ignore multiplayer for 2 years".
Ben's problem is that he didn't make repeatable content, SF has been terrible, and he did a very bad move by blosting all the ops to top level, THIS actually damaged both sides, raiders don't find these old content fun and casuals were blocked by it once again.

Both directions are bad, we need group content, but not too many big large raid ones, especially since they took 1 year to finish it. That is not gonna attract raiders.

Guess it'll keep happening then, I can see the devs nerfing it but I doubt it'll be any time soon, GOTM was designed to be harder than the average SM (Even though I'd say it's close to pre nerf DP), Matt the lead designer did said a new raid might be more straightforward next time so there's that for you to possibly look forward to.
Again the main problem is not its difficulty, but the length.

Revamps are always possible but they'll likely come in the form of an expansion if they do anything about it, if they find a way to make old content relevant kudos.
It's really needed, even the SH has so many bugs.

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