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Help with deciding class.

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Help with deciding class.

DisbelieveSheev's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 12:50 AM | #1
Hello There.
So last night I decided to become a subscriber, and start a new character.
The character is going to be Sith, pureblood specifically. I don't know what class I want him to be though.
I want him to use a single bladed Lightsaber, so he should be a Juggernaut or a Sorcerer. I want him to also rely on the force quite a bit, but he needs to be capable with a Lightsaber at the same time. I don't really care about the stories though.
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KendraP's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 01:51 AM | #2
Juggie is very lightsaber, some force (i.e force choke)

Sorc is basically all force, lightsaber is a stat stick

AdjeYo's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 04:26 AM | #3
I would say Sorcerer is not an option. As Kendra pointed out, their lightsaber is a stat stick.

Juggernauts have some force abilities, but not very much. All Juggernauts have acces to Force Scream, Force Chocke and Force Push. Force Scream is used a lot by all Jugg specs. Chocke and Push are more utility skills with longer cooldowns. Rage juggernaut does get two additional force abilities in Force Crush and Raging Burst (although Force Crush is nothing like it is in kotor 2 I feel I should add). So if you're dead set on only having one single bladed lightsaber, then Rage Juggernaut would probably come closest to what your describing.

I would recommend considering Assassins though. Yes they use a double bladed lightsaber, but they really are the lightsaber/force hybrid class in this game.

Erevan_Kindelar's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 05:24 AM | #4
As a Sorcerer, there is one fight in the storyline that you might find yourself leaning heavily on your Lightsaber "skills", but aside from that your LS is a decoration that is about as much practical use as a lady's hand fan in winter.
The Sorc is all about the Force, and shocking things from "long" range.

On the other hand, a Jugg is one who uses the Lightsaber a lot, and whose use of the Force is minimal beyond Force-choking, Force screaming, and not much else. Lore-wise, a lot of the Jugg's abilities are Force-enhanced, but you as the player do not get to see or control that, so you are basically a strong, angry Knight in shining-but-blood-and-rage-soaked-armor.

The class that has the most balance between the use of Lightsaber and Force is the Inquisitor - Assassin class. As with the Jugg, the Force abilities are simply baked into the skills that you use, but they do make much greater overt use of the Force than a Jugg, and much more use of the Lightsaber than a Sorcerer. The issue with an Inquisitor - Assassin though, is that they use a double-bladed Lightsaber (Saberstaff) instead of a normal Lightsaber.

So... 3 options, none of which I would say exactly match what you are looking for. Still, as you are a Subscriber now, why not try all 3 of them and see which one you like?
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TitusOfTides's Avatar

05.23.2020 , 05:06 PM | #5
Only way Sorc would be an option for you is if you run the utility that changes your Saber Strike into a short ranged immobilize. Otherwise there is no reason to Saber Strike as a Sorc unless you're toying with someone or out of Force points (maybe that works for you too, though).

If you do go the immobilize route, I would highly recommend going all in on the control utilities (Whirlwind stun and Overload immobilize).
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Kogarvandalin's Avatar

05.27.2020 , 11:06 AM | #6
What you ask for is the one thing this game is missing.

Sorc you won't use your light saber at all you're more of a mage in other games.

Jugg you don't use too many force powers you're basically a warrior from other games.

That said there is 1 tree in Jugg that has more force abilities than others. But the animations and what not don't feel like you're using force powers. They feel more like you're just waving your hand around and unseen force happens.

If you can give in on the double bladed saber I'd go assassin you get a good mix off force powers and saber action.