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Best Star Wars scene

cunctatorg's Avatar

12.29.2019 , 10:19 AM | #11
Many, quite many favorite scenes!!

The very best is, during the end of SW:Ep. V; TESB, when Darth Vader tends (it's not just an act of call, it's almost an act of pray) his hand towards his wounded son -revealing to him that he is his father- and then closes his fist, begging him to reconsider and turn to him, calling him son!! The previous scene, the cutting of Luke's arm, a symbolic castration in the best Freudian tradition, is horrible and greatest also, I was really shocked back then: at 1980 I was sixteen years old and I had no idea of symbolic castrations and the real, complete meaning of the Oedipus complex. I couldn't think of the (basically, almost unknown to me) Freudian theories and why I had been so shocked, why I felt that horror...
Next to it, during the same movie, when father and son communicate telepathically, Vader on his flagship and Luke, saved and safe though badly wounded, on the Millennium Falcon; it's pretty clear that their love tends to prevail (in fact: to reveal itself, to become unmasked!!) at this moment, despite their previous intense fight and all the wounds; it's clear that Darth Vader is not his Dark Persona anymore, he is something different ... perhaps he is something in-between Vader and Anakin...
(newest addition: to put it differently, only then -during that telepathic communication- Darth Vader (under painful urge -perhaps horrible despair- and extreme pressure: his son -everything that really values!!- is now fleeing) reveals to us (and himself?) an essential part of himself... No further comments...)

The killing of Darth Maul in SW: Episode I; TPHM, all the scene from Obi-Wan's invention and Darth Maul's frustration until his eventual fall...
I really don't know if I prefer this very scene to the opposite scene: that of Darth Maul's heroic appearance in front of the Jedi (and the detachment of Padme's loyalists) and then his entrance (greek: "eisodos" - είσοδος) into the battle against the two Jedi Knights while he unites the parts of his double light-saber and moves so impressively, bravely, confidently and dangerously!!

Better, way much better; the exodus of Anakin and Padme from the dark chamber of their prison to the Open, fully lit Arena in SW:Ep. II; AotC. It is a gigantic and profound irony that epitomizes one fundamental aspect of George Lucas' philosophy: the small, dark chamber contains the liberation of their love -and their first kiss- because its darkness and isolation is the micro-world of both of them, a false Heaven!!... The hostile Arena -with all the light, the dangers, the various enemies and the wild, blood-thirsty (or indifferent) crowd- is the whole "objective reality", a reality that is -mostly- a representation of the Hell!!
(newest addition: the darkness plus the confinement -but also the happiness, the peace and the safety- of the Arena anti-chamber make a profound, impressive contrast with the light plus the openness -but also the horrors, the hostility and the mortal dangers- of the Arena, hence the -so called, I think- tragic irony, one that it's not just quite remarkable, it is of fundamental importance!!... In "our" case, its horrible and immense repercussions will become a real, measurable fact during the events of the next movie of that Trilogy, SW:Ep. III, RotS - Revenge of the Sith... By the way, the aforementioned tragic irony runs not only into the time but, here-thanks to George Lucas, into the space also!! A greatest artistic achievement!!...)

There are also a few great scenes in SW:Ep. IX; RoS!! I prefer the following: