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Best Utilities for PVE (dps)?

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Best Utilities for PVE (dps)?

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12.23.2014 , 03:05 AM | #1
So what are the opinions for the best PvE Utilities? both for a deception as a hatred spec

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12.23.2014 , 08:40 AM | #2
Evo says:
Quote: Originally Posted by Evolixe View Post
Each boss you'll probably want a different Utility set. However let me first state the ones you should have for EVERY bossfight.

Clerity/Avoidance, Breaker cooldown reduction and Force Speed cooldown reduction mainly. Increases uptime, allows you to escape dangerous situations more often. Can save your life in pretty much every fight.

Misdirection/Obfuscation, increases movement speed.. and as a little bonus adds a layer of 5 levels in stealth. Prevents detection from both players and creatures. Once again good for uptime.. but also for avoiding all kinds of situations any boss can throw at you.

Force Harmonics/Audacity, because it is pretty much the only utility that DIRECTLY increases your single target damage.

Cloak of Resilience/Shroud of Madness, pretty much every boss has something you can resilience. Having an extra on demand duplicate of one of the strongest defensive cooldowns in the game... yeah I don't need to explain this any further.

Now you have 4 choices left per boss.

Shadowy Veil/Insulation can be good for bosses where you have a high damage income on. IE Walkers, Torque, Blaster. It's a pretty nice talent for all of those.

Lambaste is a must have for any boss where you will be allowed to AoE a number of close range targets for longer than 5 seconds at a time. Great for Torque HM and Sparky SM.

Mind over Matter/Disjunction is great in situations where an extended Resilience time is actually going to provide you any gain. For example on Torque, so you can wander the fires like nothing is going on, or on Blaster.. to eat the "Boss" his lazer damage for a longer than normal period of time. Bulo, for eating the minecarts without having to f-off. It can be useful on Walkers, if you intend to take risks and not move.. but it shouldn't be necessary given you have more than plentyful room to manuever in 8man.

Fade is great for fights where a reduced cooldown on the "Cloak of Resilience/Shroud of Madness" effect is beneficial. Such as Torque, Walkers, Commanders (Eating Kurse smashes=DPS gain, or tanking Deron for a couple of seconds) and the Underlurker (the adds f-ing hurt if they start targetting you.., you can save your normal resilience for that and use this one for Rage Storm every other time it happens)

Egress/Emersion, great on fights where you get slowed or rooted. Most notoriously The Underlurker.

Lastly, Containment/Haunted Dreams is pretty much the only other actually useful point in the Heroic tier for PvE. As on Commanders, you'll sometimes want to put some CC on the mandalorians while you're handling other ****.

Any Utilities I didn't mention are not even worth considering for end game plays.
With the sole Exception of Mental Defense/Shapeless Spirit, if your healers are extremely slow with cleansing on Torque HM.
He hit the nail right on the head. I'd only like to add that Lambaste is hilarious on trash pulls between bosses and highly useful in flashpoints.

Interesting fact: Your AoE rotation is sustainable for 7.5 minutes of literal Lacerate spam and DoT spread against 4 targets, and infinitely on a larger number of targets. Pop Overcharge Saber when under 1/2 force and you can go for a ridiculous 11.7 minutes before running out of force. At some point, I might go and figure out how often you need to saber strike against 3 targets to keep your rotation going for X amount of time.
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12.23.2014 , 08:53 AM | #3
For Deception the only change to that post is that Fade is Mandatory for Force Management purposes and it leaves Shroud of Madness/Cloak of Resilience as optional instead.

Also, I probably left some bosses out in the descriptions but it was more as a general guideline. As I used this post for my dulfy guide too.. I'm however not going to update the useful bosses with every content patch I should've given enough examples for you to figure out whats good on a boss-by-boss basis by yourself.
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