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Free Character Transfers Now Available On Select Servers

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Free Character Transfers Now Available On Select Servers
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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06.18.2012 , 06:20 AM | #4651
Quote: Originally Posted by Satans_Puppet View Post
No mmo will ever let you move from PvE to PvP it wouldn't be fair to level up without a challenge and them transfer your 50 over to the pvp community
it is allowed, and you can probably be 99% sure it will be allowed here too. im sorry, there is no 'extra challenge' to leveling up on a pvp server in swtor. LOL.

Icestar's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 06:21 AM | #4652
I can understand that several think this is no longer a issue since about 85% - 90% already have transfered.

Some of us are still left behind though.......

To me it still is a issue since I do enjoy PvP and I enjoy seeing a active server like the majority of the players still paying for this game.

Start up the transfers for the remaining servers and let us enjoy the game once again.

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06.18.2012 , 06:24 AM | #4653
i havent even logged on since we got the news that we werent getting transferred last week.

wierd thing is, i dont really miss it.

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06.18.2012 , 06:24 AM | #4654
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyle_Lin View Post
I don't understand why almost everyone is complaining.

Sheesh give BW some time. SWTOR is just a half year old game. Adjusting needs careful data analysation planning and programming also takes time.
Some of us are complaining because BW simply ignored us. The others are complaining for the sake of complaining.

All in all, transfer policy is terrible.
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Icestar's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 06:27 AM | #4655
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogoo View Post
All in all, transfer policy is terrible.
Transfer policy is ok in my book, it is the information about it that is extremely bad

lewismcg's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 06:40 AM | #4656
Surely someone from Bioware can come out and say if we are getting transfers today or not ?

hachibushu's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 06:40 AM | #4657
Quote: Originally Posted by Acespades View Post

No, it does not look like it. Please see the reasoning in my previous post.
You will see us opening more up tomorrow and into next week. We understand that everyone is excited to transfer, but we do have to see how each day's transfers affect server populations in order to open up more origin servers each day.
Do you guys have any idea what you are doing?
And responses like this are why they are careful with giving information. I mean, they tried not to leave us in the dark as to what they were doing, and apparently things changed as they said they might. But someone has to go and try to use their words against them for a sarcastic remark to prove that they're so intelligent.


amadcow's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 06:45 AM | #4658
Quote: Originally Posted by Icestar View Post
Transfer policy is ok in my book, it is the information about it that is extremely bad
Exactly. The transfer process is like trying to read tea leaves, and the funny part it that I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't be a transparent process. Essentially, it looks like they increased the population limits on servers and are moving low pop servers onto heavy pop ones. For instance in the PVE/East realm, they did an 12 to 1 merge to Jedi Covenant, an 11 to 1 merge to Canderous Ordo, and a 7 to 1 merge to The Shadowlands. That leaves 13 servers to determine their fate:

Anturi Reach
Colonel Tobin
Corellian Run
Crevasse City
Darth Bandon
Firaxan Shark
ICE Breaker
Mind Trick
Shadow Hand
Sith Wyrm
Tarro Blood
Thana Vesh

I'm sure what BW saw is that transfers were happening at a rate somewhat greater than they planned, and especially saw The Shadowlands fill unexpectedly fast. The remaining servers must be on the high end of low population, so it's going to take some finesse to get them all merged into a population level equivalent to Jedi Covenant. All that is fairly apparent, and why BW just can't spell it our for us isn't clear.

At any rate, the key to what I'm seeing is that there will be a process over the next couple days where one or two more destination servers are named and they will merge the remaining servers into them (at a much lower rate of like 6 or 5 to one).

deusBAAL's Avatar

06.18.2012 , 06:55 AM | #4659

So, we had to figure out the "transfer pattern" ouselves (Thanks to those who sorted the transfer list by server type!)

So, BW said they would be monitoring servers over the weekend... Ok, enjoy your weekend, go fishing or whatever, check server data this morning, I dont care, BUT:

Now it is Monday afternoon in the EU and we had a "scheduled" maintainance patch today, that was neither annouced nor feels scheduled, no patch notes yet or why servers went down. (BW, you are still patching tomorrow as announced, right???)

And no word whatsoever yet how or IF server transfer will continue...

Well, I am sitting on Frostclaw ready for transfer since middle of last week with my chars having theirs bags full with all that stuff that I usually got on the GTN.

Seriously, if you dont know what to announce yet, then at least announce when you expect to be able to annouce something! Even your silly twitter account went silent 4 hours ago! (with a server is up message that could as well have been an automated post)
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06.18.2012 , 06:59 AM | #4660
Quote: Originally Posted by Icestar View Post
Transfer policy is ok in my book, it is the information about it that is extremely bad
This is my point. I have no problem waiting my turn. I do have a problem being strung along for three days with "maybe tomorrow" only to have "maybe tomorrow" turn into "maybe somtime next week." Please BioWare, stop using "maybes" and tell us what is going as well as if and when we may be transferred.

Each day you say "maybe" creates hope. Each evening someone logs into a dead server creates disappointment. There is just so much disappointment a person can take before disappointment becomes frustration, anger and dismay. In contrast, if you provide accurate information that addresses people's concerns and gives them a reasonable expectations, you can do a lot to reduce disappointment. When you provide uninformative canned answers to questions and concerns, you create the perception that you simply don't care and that is where I am now...the stage where I don't believe BioWare cares.
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