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Make Light Side Jaesa Willsaam Romance-able

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Make Light Side Jaesa Willsaam Romance-able

chorxiong's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 07:49 PM | #21
/signed petition

nuff said

Megaflayer's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 10:03 PM | #22
Having learned that you can't romance Light Side Jaesa, I am reluctant to continue my class quest. I don't know if I want to make her Dark Side just to romance her, or take the chance that Bioware will change this in a later patch. Part of the thing is that I haven't made even one Dark Side option on my Warrior. Am I willing to forever see the 100 or so Dark Side points forever on my character info and know that I chose to make her a Sith? Probably. Still kinda lame.

DythanR's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 11:26 PM | #23
To be honest there just should be a light side and dark side romance for her I'm happy with Vette and all but Jaesa is the only human chick we get >.> blue only does it so much lol

Really though please bioware change this please >< before most of us are max

Kthc's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 11:57 PM | #24

Would be nice.

Tetrasol's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 08:16 AM | #25
I also agree Light Side Romance for Jaesa, I know you all can design it.
I have never seen a situation so bad it couldn't get worse.

wassapenin's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 10:26 AM | #26
Glad i read this thread, srsly contemplating having her go dark side, even thoguh i've been 100% LS up til now


DarthRaven's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 10:48 AM | #27
Am I the only one playing the dark side here for purposes playing on the dark side? While I understand the pretense of a light side Jaesa when you work up the light side - but your playing as Sith - if you want light side role a Jedi.
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Crogga's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 01:30 PM | #28
Isnt Vette more of the light side romance option anyway?

AtahualpaCapac's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 07:14 PM | #29
I was going to romance Vette, but I didn't know Jaesse was only available for romance to the Dark Side, that makes me a sad panda. Petition sign

P.S Petittion to make Dark side Jaese and Vette romance at the same time like in Jade Empire.

vangoga's Avatar

12.25.2011 , 07:44 PM | #30
I'll sign. It's actually was really frustrating to discover that. After all the effort to get her, after story being focused on her. And nothing warns you about this outcome during your progress and there is no logic in that. Jedi or not -- it doesn't matter, jedi allowed to romance, to break their annoying codex. Besides, she's not a jedi anymore anyway. It's almost story breaker tbh, i'm not sure if i want to go on with sith warrior... prolly not. Not like Vette is not good or something, just it's very different story wise and it feels very different. Bleh. How disappointing and totally uncalled for. Only hope is that BW will fix it in some later patch.