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Imperial Agent - Guides, useful threads and links

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06.10.2012 , 06:38 PM | #91
Is ther any way in PVP to be interrupted on channelled attacks while in cover?

To suddenly find yourself being knocked back and stunned while you're only 3-5 seconds into entrench.

To have channelled abilities interrupted while in cover + entrench?

Keep in mind I'm not talking about another sniper removing me from cover THEN these things happening. Just them happening. I run a top end machine & only see these things (which most people, even CSR's try to tell me is lag ) happening against a specific guild premade groups, so it has got me thinking...
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06.24.2012 , 04:53 PM | #92
Just curious why you have a damage/heal rotation, then never list any sort fo dps rotation within it, just heals? kinda weird.
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07.21.2012 , 08:48 PM | #93
Sorry if I missed it, but are there updated build links from the first page? I just began leveing an op healer. Wanted to look at talent builds in use. I am going for full healer.

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07.25.2012 , 06:11 PM | #94
Updated our list on Swtorface:
Imperial Agent's Companion list & gifts
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09.26.2012 , 08:11 AM | #95
Why on earth would you do half this crap lol....Icefang rocks out so hard im throttling back or playing and healing when im no heal i see this and i know why so many ops are confused.. grab your knife and gun pick your tree and work it out,,, respec if that doesnt do enough..since game came out ive used my op and i know you just pack on dmg work the interupts and shield probe and evasions then if your healing you just keep yourself near your group with good alac and pwr and hit with the big one not so much probes and aoe heal then jump in after tank and drop an orbital on your head and a stun grenade.,,,then heal away ,,,bosses just watch your dps's even if tank is near half,,his half is there full...binding isnt necessary for all and stats are to be worked not saying mine is the best but i love em....hes a rockstar and takes a battle into his hands when everyone is scrambling and adds are coming and tank is dying....and screw the high hp ...roll with 18000 at fifty..interupts and shield probe and acrobatics and a good def res means your 18k is the hardest 18k to take in the game..i watch the best geared players with 24k hp and up die and i stand with my 17000+
SKILL... work your interupts and on heals manage your pool and tell the group to slow down or die,, never run in behind em with half a well thats all i willl say and im Icefang on ebon hawk and i love gaming and killing jedi..and i know my op well. sry to rant but i gotta fight with these guys that are too scared to heal a dps on a boss fight or max out end and then use cover tactic..ya you probly will live.. but why ...dmg is our calling do alot, work your skils and no need for all that buffness on end...try it once.

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11.24.2012 , 07:03 PM | #96
omg....this game sucks so hard that all the skill I have earned in a year, puts me with awful players that get ya killed on purpose... three guildies with the longes guild name...the all stayed silent and never answered me, then on battle of illums boss fight with alienand commando...i put a gun over alien ready to kill and loot. Bam someone gets him and im a combat healer..all heal tree healing abilities no power or oother crap so 10 into one of the other two...and im geared to the teethe so when i slammed down an orb over our group hit my aoe heal and threw grenade...i had most aggro because they just did the draw. I look and they run past enemies... skip

a skip... for a skip they showed that not one of em two but all of em and that guild....Honorless. and that was my only word to them. I can take abuse all day and ive never been angry and i wasnt then,,, i had to sit and think is this the new type of players. get em to 50 get em geared move to enjoying yourself?..I actually was upset a min as i smoke outside then i re grouped with 2 guys and a lady who started massive pulls and brutal battle and said sry we get pretty wild...I grinned and said " Let"s Rock ' and we tore the hell out of that fp and at times so close was it my anxiety and adrenaline got up, thats a fight...and by telling me that they were gonna be wild at first not just silent and doing what they wanted due to guildies..showed honor. i LOVE THIS GAME...........oh got a recipe for a combat medic that will blow your just get ansy cause those nerf made sabers take forever and you could kill em in a few....tell your group your a combat medic and use aoe heals with surgical probes and seismic grenades orbitals stun regular frag and plenty of time to heal but if your tank and you work jump in with that and as you stun for last time flash invis i checked dmg report took me from 6000 aggro to 0, so one taunt. and tank has them or i should say whats left if any. dps and tank beat em down too,,,with you shield and other dmg avoidance thats enough to get in and get out. no dmg while able to heal away after do to aggro at 1

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04.09.2013 , 09:08 AM | #97
can anyone translate that wall of text? :P i have no idea what it was he meant hehe
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