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Arsenal Merc Tips

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01.29.2020 , 10:58 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by SlimPikinz View Post
As a main Mercenary player that only does PvP, I use every ability except Supercharged Celerity.

Death from Above for Yellow AoE damage
Sweeping Blasters for White AoE damage and to spam interrupts
Explosive Dart as your last ability before death to AoE interrupt channels for buying a few more seconds
Fusion Missile in Innovated Ordinance spec.
Tech Override before Full Auto/Blazing Bolts or DfA/Sweeping to save heat
Stealth Scan instantly on vanishes/cloaks
Power Surge with Concussion Missile or Rapid Scan

Mercenary has a lot of abilities. I have almost 4 full bars 1-9, Shift 1-9, Ctrl 1-9, q,e,r,f,x,c

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Too add to the above Explosive Dart also some utility if you use it on someone who may be stealthing out shortly when your net is unavilable (you can often knock people out of stealth with it if you time it well) or in Regs when an opposing player is capping a node and there is a high likelihood you're going to eat a stun after doing some damage. Because of the delay the dart will interrupt a 2nd cap attempt while you are CC'd.

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01.30.2020 , 10:58 AM | #12
Some good advice here, some i would question, but the one thing ill add to it is this, dont be a slave to the so-called "rotation".
A alot of things we have at our disposal that arent always used a lot, in my view, absolutely have a place in PvP.
The obvious is obvious, but look at what isnt obvious, and find reason to use it.
Even as simple as using something to bait an interrupt or to make someone use a skill to get it off the cooldowns list cannot be under stated in PvP.
Do not be predictable.
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