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dps/tank gear

urzaplainswalker's Avatar

07.16.2019 , 12:29 PM | #1
the question I have is about the "skank" tank
one thing is use tank specand armoring but use the dps mods and enhancement on left side
my teen asked but why she thinks use the dps armoring but use the tanks mods and enhanhancements but also use half and half for mh/off and earpieace and implants but keep thedps relic any suggestions on which might work better and what's the number/perxentage of thetankwith dps mods ,enhancements what'sthe end goal and how does the mitigatetion work
I want to tank but also do a lot of damage time to kill things i'vegiven up on trying to progress through guilds for endgame hm/nimop as a tank so might as well try skanking for pvp and ranked pvp