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Darkness Assassin/Kinetic Combat Shadow Set Bonus Discussion

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Darkness Assassin/Kinetic Combat Shadow Set Bonus Discussion
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04.20.2019 , 07:51 PM | #41
I would really like to see an ability that resets our Pull, Stride, AND Shelter in the fashion that Cleanse allows for insta-cast on cast abilities. I think it would off-set the need for "heal me while you damage me" abilities that other classes have. Personally, I think those are OP but I would like something to mirror such an ability without losing threat/taunt. (Minor complaint - you should need skill to regain that much HP, not a button and bad player on your own team that doesn't recognize it. At least put that on light armored classes, not heavy armored classes.)

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04.25.2019 , 05:59 AM | #42
I don't have much to add for this because my favorite set bonus was the 174 pvp 2-piece because it acted like what you're wanting to put in the new tactical slot. It lowered the cooldown on spike by 2 seconds and that's great crowd control for a pvp tank I even used two of those armorings for a little while after the gear levels increased. 174 is too low now but I still have them in my inventory Just wanted to say I'm really excited for these changes.
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05.02.2019 , 01:52 AM | #43
whoops wrong thread
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12.15.2019 , 05:18 AM | #44
Why only 5% maximum? Sin seems to be the squishiest in 6.0, and immortal jugg have 2.5% damage reduction per enemy affected by threatening scream on tanking set. That can go quite high

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12.15.2019 , 06:31 AM | #45
Old thread for the relase of 4.0.
We're at 6.0.2 now

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05.09.2020 , 04:58 PM | #46
This is still a sticky in 2020
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10.20.2020 , 08:41 AM | #47
Seems this hasnt been addressed in a while. For pve i prefer Trishs retort set (4 piece) with tatical that gives more charges to dark charge. Doing an extra 1200 pts dps helps hold agro on my Dark sin. and as dark my shield goes off a lot.