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Vorschläge Ideen Probleme Komplimente

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05.30.2019 , 05:02 AM | #1
1. Classes
3. Item farming

Bitte entschuldigt die schlechte Englisch Übersetzung. Ich bin ein Deutscher Spieler und beherrsche die Englische
Sprache nicht so gut. Please forgive me for the bad Englisch Translation. I´m an German Player who can´t
talk english very well.
Since 6 Years I´m playing SWTOR now and I won't like to let it down now.
Since the Update of "KOTFE". I´m Hearing many Players telling to me when I´m Talking with them, that they don't like some Classes like the Command Soldier.
They told me this class have got to many Problems with the dmg in PVE.
The Players of a few random Operations and a few Guild intern Operations told me, "the command Soldier lost his ability to reset his Automatik fire with the dmg Bonus and the Cost reduction after the last Update.".
The Soldier Players told me, the command Soldier can´t get on his Old Power Level like this, only a few Players can get on the highest Level with him again.

After the lvl 70 cap I got my Sentinel, my Main, updated and I lost my strenght with him totaly.
At the lvl 65 cap I had teach a few members of my and other Guild how they can make good/ strong/ stable dmg Rotation which was like a clockwork. I was able to make dmg EVERYTIME when my Team comrades Need it.
Now, after the lvl 70 cap Update, I can´t Play him save anymore.
He lost his Rotation with the lost of his Masterstrike with cast time. The Skill "Lance" ´has a nice dmg, but it cost to much and it can´t fill the Rotation with Bladelock together. I was and Sentinel main Player since more than 3 Years.
and now I´m playing and Hexer and his Mirror class cause, he is the only class for me, which make high dmg, have a stable ressouce cap and Regeneration and is able to make dmg when I Need it.

After the lvl 70 cap Update the Sabotage Gunslinger got Overpowerd at max in PvE AND PvP.
In PVE he was strong since more than 2 Years so it wasn´t a big Problem/Topic for the most Players in a few Groups
So I can´t say something About him in PVE.
In the PvP Side he is just at the Moment the strongest class with the Shadow/ Assasin.
This two classes have a few skills like the other classes which can protect support or attack. At These classes you can see a few skills which are overpowerd cause they are most time like an Immortal Objact with some skills.
The Gunslinger can´t be killed by 1v1 (if he can Play it better than the most of the other Players).
Most time in the Fight the Gunslingers are sitting around like in the Old Times but they aren´t getting much dmg, cause they are using the Skills "Insurgency umbrella, Alserved under pressure, Lower crouches and Disturbance field"
With These Skills he can´t be killed by someone who isn´t and gunslinger /Sniper.

The shadows/Assasins have got an Skill which one is confusing a few more Players I was Talking with.
The Skills Name is "Deep blow". This Skill has the SAME Animation like the throwing of the Lightsaber of the Juggers and Guardians. BUT they can´t stun anyone with it. They are making the same dmg the same Animation,but not the same effect at all?
Whitout this Skill he is for like everyone who I was Talking with, like the Old Class... and not so really Overpowered, more like and Ideal well-balanced DD.

The Story

The Story of the Old Republic since the update of Shadow of Rrevan was unique. Imerial and Republic Soldiers Fighting tigether against the same Enemy... an interesting Change of Things.
At the next Story Lines it was a bit too much for the most of my Chat Partners, BUT it was one of the biggest and most interesting STORYLINES which we have got in this Game.
Some Players weren´t happy About the lost of there Commrades and the fact, nobody of them was comming back.
A Few Players told me it was more than too much that everyone can have every Commrade of any class and Fraction Side.
The Most Chat Partners liked the fact, that they can Change the Power Level of all Capitels. They got an " hard to Play Content", they told me.
They wanted more than only the capitels, Everyone of my Chat Partners wanted more Flashpoints more Operations
more Teamfights in These Updates of Zakuul and the Alliance.

Item Farming

Now I´m telling something About me first.
I´m and old Nightmare Squadleader and haven´t an Guild Squad anymore… BUT I have all Items on my Charakter
Item lvl 258, WITHOUT Fighting inside and Nightmare or hardcore Operation since 6 Months.
It´s to easy to get the Nightmare Stuff. Swtor had make an Little mistake by letting the Players farming the Nightmare Items by Daily Quest farming.
It got boring, causer this Online Game where you had have to fight inside a Operation Group against hardcore or Nightmare Operations Bosses to get the best Stuff isn´t available anymore.
We have lost of our Reasons to Play These games to run through Operations, because we are getting all Items with the Daily Quests.
I´m ONE of the experienced Players of SWTOR which are left today.I fought against Nightmare Operation bosses since lvl 55. My Comrades and me killed the Bosses got the lot for one or two of us and it was normal my reason to get inside These Operations. I wanted more of the strongest Stuff, I wanted more Power , I wanted to get one of the strongest Plyers. So I got inside a few Guilds to get the Chance to fight agaisnt Nightmare Bosses to get the good stuff.
Everyone of us wanted the good stuff…. it was normal that we fought ,more than 1 ,2 ,3 or more Times agaisnt the ssames enemys and farming our Sets for the Guild Memeber for our Friends to get strong to get usefull.
We had FUN...………. But now ……… My whole Guild is gone…… only because we had no Reason anymore to go inside the Operations since the Update and the appearing of These Command boxes where we got our Stuff so easy.
My Friend and me were running trough the flashpoints for more then 6 Months, because we had no other reason to farm our Sets. And where we can get more CXP as a 2 man Group like in the flashpoints.
And so the sad Story began…. thats why I´m writing this Text thats the reason why I´m doing this and I hope that
the Game get his Change which one is needed….. and wanted.

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05.30.2019 , 11:38 AM | #2
1. This makes ma at least interested enough to make a character on German speaking server.
Hexer? what could that be?

2. There is no "deep blow" skill but "low slash" and is one of the most funny skills in game. It was even more funny when they introduced it and it was bugged!

3. "Commander" and ""Soldier" - Commando and Vanquard?

4. Now you can see how Google translator works.

5. I also disagree with CXP loot and the RNG. I also disagree that 258 gear is obtainable via *gated) Ossus content. They only reason I do not have it is that I refuse to play the same 2 bosses endlessly and spend most of my gametime to form a group to kill 2 bosses.

6. Yep, Sniperrs and Gunslingers are pretty hard to kill in PVP, especially if the choose specific set of skills. They gloabl you before you can get to them, and when you do, they roll 30 meters away and global you again...
Dark side is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural.

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05.30.2019 , 12:32 PM | #3
I admit struggling with the language barrier somewhat, but:

As a guardian main, and sentinel secondary, who was also affected by the change to master strike/blade barrage I prefer the new version. It's all a priority system - the lack of a channel makes you more mobile while allowing you to use those GCDs for something else.

I personally despise the 258 gear, and it drove me over something of a cliff. You can find VM queen or ossus wb groups at practically any time but God forbid you want to get a group together for a group finder or hm ev/kp for conquest reasons or just because. 6 PM pst and this process still takes 45 minutes to form a group. And that's using guildies as well.