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What I have learned from not playing the game for a couple months

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What I have learned from not playing the game for a couple months

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05.29.2019 , 07:58 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by OlBuzzard View Post
4. Lengthen the amount of time spent in end game instances / heroics or RELATED OPs.

Quote: Originally Posted by Collec View Post
I don't wanna be spending 2h in operation filled with mobs,just to make it longer. Give 3-5 bosses per operation WITHOUT inbetween mobs and make it so,that group only does 3 bosses, but it's rng on which 3 you get, so you don't always do same thing over and over again..even though you'll do same thing over and over again, it won't feel like it.

Ummm Sorry ... my bad.
What I was illuding to was a possible way to add additional areas that are often more difficult for some players but still fun for others. By adding more good stuff inside a more difficult area .. a number of folks might like that sort of thing. Making it repeatable (and worth it too) .. would definately help !

WB groups (like on Ossus) don't last that long ... have proven to be ... well, somewhat less than cliff hanging excitement and to be perfectly candid about it ... well .. short ! The next best alternative is tro provide an OP / instance or related heroic that would not necessarily be required to see the end game ... BUT would definately add more substance to the over all game .

This is just an opinion and a suggestion. I hope this makes a little more sense ! (sorry my bad for not being more clear earlier. )

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05.30.2019 , 05:24 AM | #72
Well BW makes sure to make them all obsolete. Those money bosses in Terror From Beyond. No one does them anymore. WB's on Ossus also dying out. I doubt that Queen boss will be relevant with 6.0, if new gear comes out.

Plus this game can't handle too many people. 24 on Ossus and it's a lag siesta. And it's Hero engine will never allow it to be more than what it is now. I remember doing pvp on Ilum and game crashing,lagigng and I don't think it was more than 20-30 players there. Then you go to like ESO and I don't even know, how many people there and games runs smooth as butter, no crashes or lags.