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So.....kneeling (KOTFE Spoilers)

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So.....kneeling (KOTFE Spoilers)

_Kezza_'s Avatar

09.26.2015 , 08:35 AM | #1
Such a hard decision and I am honestly torn at what to pick :/

DinoDo's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 08:57 AM | #2
My Wrath doesn't take kindly to those that betray him as Darth Baras (if he were still alive) and Malavai Quinn (if Bioware had let me kill him) could testify to.

Darth Nox rose from slavery and refuses to go backward.

My Grand Champion refuses to take on a new client at a proverbial gunpoint.

Cipher Nine is an Imperial patriot. The agent refused to join Darth Jadus due to his crimes against the Galactic Empire and will refuse to kneel to Valkorion/Vitiate for the same reason.

BenitsubasaChiyo's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 09:11 AM | #3
Meh, you're going to take a carbonite bath regardless of your choice.

But hey, my Mercenary would probably kneel as long as there are huge sums of credits involved!

However, It's a real shame I won't get the option to give Valk a good kick in the nuts on my Scoundrel
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rogetrooper's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 09:17 AM | #4
only way its going to get my trooper or bontyhunter to kneeling its to hold dem up becos there are all rendy dead
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He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

Shayddow's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 09:32 AM | #5
For me, much depends on whether Darth Marr somehow survives the encounter. <i.e. "revived and frozen maybe??>
Its more of a problem for my darksiders than my lightsided characters.

Based on what I saw on Twitch, Marr wouldn't approve of kneeling.
On the other hand, I could see my Darth Nox biding his time, kneeling until he finds a way to wrest the secret of immortality from the Emperor and then stabbing him in the back like the DarkV Assassin he is.
My Wrath, as a Zabrak, was very loyal to Baras and to Vitiate both before they both betrayed her. So, much will depend on whether Valk/Vit is going to continue on his galaxy-eating frenzy under the new empire or not. If not, she might very well decide to kneel.
Also unknown is why. One of the responders asked "I want answers", I couldn't hear the response because of the background talking and chatter. I want to hear V's response as to how he "justifies" his position.

My JK <LS5>, and JC <LS5> will refuse to kneel. "there is no death, there is only the force...."
My smuggler, who wasn't adverse to letting sel mor eat the galaxy sometime in the distant future if he could make his profit now - will kneel. My BH <LS5> will not kneel. "For Mandalor!" My RT <LS5> will not kneel "For the Republic!"
My Iagent <DS5>, who kneeled to Jadus, but didn't give the Codice to the Sith - she kept it instead -will kneel. Until such time as she can get her fellow chiss to put a stop to the emperor, and backstabs him....or gets her own GSI droid and kills him. <G>
My other agent <LS5> who fought against Jadus and will go the "triple-agent" route and give the codice to the Jedi - will not kneel to Vitiate or "whatever he chooses to call himself now", as he would put it.
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hanebuch's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 10:06 AM | #6
I'm not sure if any of my characters will kneel.

My Cathar smuggler(after power for himself, with a big pirate fleet (ds4)) will not kneel, because he doesn't kneel to anybody and he likes Lana and she likely won't like it if he kneels.

Darth Nox(ds2) will not kneel, because he is arrogant and thinks that he can defeat any enemy.

Darth Occlus(N) is a bit more careful than my Nox, he is still after Power and is loyal to the empire because he thinks he can achieve the most power in the empire. He could kneel, because he thinks he will achieve more power with Valkorian. But it doesn't sound like real power to me what Valkorian is promising, so he will likely not kneel.

My Chiss BH will not kneel(after the money, will take the best offer, but still will refuse some offers (LS3)), because he doesn't think valkorian has given up destroying the universe, he also likes his independence and he can send the bill for killing valkorian to the republic and the empire and who doesn't like to get paid for the same job twice.

I have a few other characters, but none of them is 60 at the moment, maybe one of them will kneel.
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Tashia's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 10:54 AM | #7
I've thought about it -- and still may change my mind -- for the BH at least, yes ? maybe? ... but really, she probably won't --- she just wants to get rid of Gault and Skadge ( can they be prisoners in my place ? )
My JK, light side 5 ? --- no way --- stand up and fight to the death; the iconic Jedi Knight
My smuggler -- no way -- no one tells me what to do ...
My agent -- tough one, all those devious thoughts go through my head... but when she thinks about it, no ....
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Nazo-the-demon's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 11:49 AM | #8
My Darth Imperious would fight the emperor, for he knows what with his powers that he has the best chance to defeat the Emperor once and for all.

My Wrath is loyal to the emperor and only fought on Ziost because the emperor went mad, so he would kneel

My Imperial agent seeks chaos and death so he would join the Zakull Empire just for the chance to destroy the republic and empire

Bounty Hunter........depends on whether Zakull is a morally better place than the sith empire, that would determined if he would join them or not.

My Jedi knight might, for I intend for him to fall to the dark side and after the emperor's display of power he may join the emperor...and also he believe the jedi should rule the republic anyway

Smuggler would join in a heart beat for the fancy technology and better ships, plus he could use them to help Risha finally get her crown

JC and Trooper would not bow because they're loyal to the republic.

tomkyselk's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 01:34 PM | #9
My trooper will kneel. Then draw hidden thermal detonator, which wasn´t found, when he was captured, yell "For the Republic!" and jump at Emperor, blowing him, himself and entire throne room to hell. Shortest game of all times. But it would be fittingly epic way to die in line of duty for Republic.
Mandalorian BH would never kneel to Force user, Jetii, darjetii or any other. Probably would try to blow windows, so that all in room will breath vacuum, while laughing at them, for being noobs and not wearing helmets
Loyal Imperial Agent (serving Sith Intelligence)would kneel, only to gather intelligence and plot ways to sabotage Zakuul empire and kill Emperor from safe distance, for Empire and to avenge Marr, he grew to respect like good leader of Empire agent loves and serves
Darth Occlus would probably try to fight him head on (she kept ghosts, so she could be powerfull enough).
"For the Empire!"
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Anysao's Avatar

09.26.2015 , 02:15 PM | #10
My Assassin, my Operative, my Mercenary, my Guardian, my Gunslinger, my Vanguard, and my Sage (probably) will not kneel.
But my Marauder will. For he is the Emperor's Wrath. Once a Wrath, forever a Wrath.

My Mercenary or Gunslinger may, though... Because credits are nice and all, but the chance to rule the galaxy...?
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