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Jedi Battlelord's Equipment

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Jedi Battlelord's Equipment

Benjmn's Avatar

06.03.2016 , 04:24 PM | #541
The chestpiece dropped from a Grade 6 treasure hunting lockbox for me today.

PatT's Avatar

06.22.2016 , 09:28 AM | #542
A few things. I got my first piece fighing a Champion mob on Voss. That was about when this thread was started (it's a necro).

When the game first launched, there were all these screens and videos about the classes, and the Jedi Guardian was wearing this exact set. As colored. It's been in game since launch. I have found pieces on Voss and Hoth. They alway drop off random fights, and I expect the fact that the first one was a champ was just happenstance.

fwiw I still have not found the belt.

Someone earlier in this thread mentioned that if you wear the head piece, the hood is down. I have not tried it. And cannot until my guardian is a higher level.

Now, anyone know if the Unstoppable War set still drops in Red Reaper?
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