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Companions Ruin World pvp (How to fix)

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Companions Ruin World pvp (How to fix)

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10.27.2019 , 08:55 AM | #11
Been advocating for this for a long time but it seems most the forum warriors don't want it because it allows you to get killed by actual players in pvp. (imagine that!) To the argument that people will just be bringing their healer mates instead to heal them instead of a companion: then that's good? That encourages more world pvp because other groups end up trying to kill them, that's how it used to be and you run into a lot of instances where you are simply 1v1.

in conclusion, if people grouped up for wpvp it would be great, if people simply went around ganking that would also be great. I'd rather have a 1v1 and end up getting 2v1'd occasionally rather than having to kill a companion every time before actually attacking a player in PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER.

Either freeze comps or remove them for pvp instances and if people wanna grind they could easily do it by switching instance to a non-pvp one.
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10.27.2019 , 11:14 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Seterade View Post
companions in 5.0 had an hps value of 6.5k to 7k, which is 1k lower than the lowest tier of gear, 230 8k dps. and in dsp ever character besides shae vizla had a dps value of 5k dps. They couldn't even kill their hps counter parts.

If you try to argue that companions should be "frozen" or disabled during pvp what is going to happen instead is the only people in pvp instances will be actual healers and dps/tnks... and actual healer players have dcds, stuns, roots, cc and 1k-5k more hps than a companion can hope to do. so instead of struggling to kill a companion you will get absolutely stomped and then come to the forums asking for new nerfs.

summary: comp hps 7k, player hps 10-15k, if you remove healer comps from openworld everyone in open world will get a 10k hps healer buddy and you will get destroyed.
Idk why people don't like this comment. Companion heals were "low" for PvP standards even before 6.0, and they're even worse now. Having your companion as heal is actually putting you at a disadvantage. Someone with a DPS companion can melt your healing companion in like 5 seconds, and now you're in a 2v2 vs them and their DPS comp.