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Horrible Person achievement completed... Skritchy has disappeared

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Horrible Person achievement completed... Skritchy has disappeared

xWiCKEDx's Avatar

05.16.2019 , 08:22 AM | #1
So I was 7 out of 10 on the feeding Skritchy achievement when I decided to get the Horrible Person title. After taking Skritchy to Rishi to get the title he's no longer showing up in the military hangar. My friend is having the same problem, and we recruited a random person to check and see if Skritchy would show up in his hangar. Skritchy did not show up in the random person's hangar either.

I tried to reset phases, deactivate my Rishi SH, and have spent an hour running around the military hangar hoping to see Skritchy show back up. He has not.

Is there anyway to still feed Skritchy after having done the Horrible Person achievement? If Skritchy has to stay in Rishi then can we get a Thranta Meat Snack Box added to the Rishi SH?

Dynarae's Avatar

05.16.2019 , 08:38 AM | #2
I have the same issue. Completed the achievement There You Are! by feeding Scritchy 10 times. Then I took Scritchy and killed Speedy in my Rishi SH. I got the horrible person title. BUT my There You Are! achievement reset to 4/10. I thought I would refeed Scritchy and get it done again but although I can click on the food, Scritchy does not show up in the hanger at all to feed.... probably because he is running up and down the beach in Rishi!!

absolutetristan's Avatar

05.16.2019 , 02:38 PM | #3
I think you're just stuck now. Once you the rakghoul on Rishi, that's his new home.
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Rivvvv's Avatar

05.22.2019 , 10:43 AM | #4
Hey, I had this problem a few months ago, can't remember exactly how I fixed it, but he seems to appear if you put food in his cage. When he's in the cage, go outside and reset phase. He should appear up top then.