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Picking Up Gunships Again

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04.17.2019 , 02:00 PM | #1
I like strike fighters/scouts, but supossedly, bombers/gunships are easier to fly? Haven't done GSF in a while. I began to get the hang of a GS, but builds?

dampening vs range? Co pilot?

I think right now I'm putting req into ranged based, upgrading my ion weapon, got Kira as my copilots

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04.17.2019 , 07:40 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Bookworm_Jedi View Post
I like strike fighters/scouts, but supossedly, bombers/gunships are easier to fly? Haven't done GSF in a while. I began to get the hang of a GS, but builds?

dampening vs range? Co pilot?

I think right now I'm putting req into ranged based, upgrading my ion weapon, got Kira as my copilots
Kira isn’t a very good choice, because the mangler/quarrel/VX-9 gunships don’t have any ordnance, and gunships like the dust maker/comet breaker/k-52 use torpedos. In either case her passive “Spare Ammo” is useless or minimally helpful. You want either a crew member with Pinpointing and either Rapid Reload or Improved Kill Zone. Rapid reload reduces the cooldown on repeat firing of your railgun. There is a short delay after you take a shot with your railgun before you can start charging it up again. Improved Kill Zone increases the size of your firing arc so you have a slightly larger diameter circle within which you have a chance for your railgun to hit.

Active crew co-pilot abilities that are useful for gunships include Wingman and, on the republic side, Bypass. If you are just starting out with GSF I recommend taking Qyzen Fess for your offensive crew member, Nadia Grell for your defensive crew member, lieutenant Iresso for tactical and C2-N2 for your engineering crew, and then set Iresso as your co pilot ability because he has Wingman. Wingman increases your accuracy stat for a brief time making it more likely for your railgun shots to hit your target.

You can check out Drakolich’s Ship build thread here or look at the GSF build calculator tool on Dulfy here.
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04.19.2019 , 10:45 PM | #3
Everything phalczen said.

One of the questions was what order to spend req in. I won't address the crew and copilot- get the ones for this build when you can. This is how I req a type 1 gunship (VX-9, Quarrel, Mangler):

1- Start with two points in barrel roll. Barrel roll is unreasonably bad unreqqed. With two points, you should have a reasonable cost, and a reasonable cooldown. This costs very little- usually one game is good for both points.

At this point, you have a ship that needs to play pretty defensively, and can't respond well to be hunted, but you can snipe ok, and if you guard your engine carefully, you can usually run a chaser past your team. If they don't help, well, at least you distracted a good pilot on the enemy team for a bit!

2- Put 1-2 points in slug railgun, this is cheap. Then max your regeneration magazine. No other magazine is worthwhile, and it makes a big difference if you are left to roost and snipe enemies for more than a few seconds. It's also very cheap to max.

Now you have a ship that can run a little bit, and can deliver decent damage to shields and unarmored targets.

3- Put one more point in slug railgun. Now it pierces armor. This is the most expensive point you've bought yet- it is like 2500 points.

Now you can meaningfully damage every target in the game. With just a small amount of req, you are only like 15% or so behind the slug dps of a fully mastered ship.

4- Pool req until you can purchase and master Distortion Field, to replace your stock Feedback Shield.

At this point, you don't have to live so close to rocks all the time, because you have a second missile interrupt. This adds a huge amount of uptime, and helps you if you are chased.

5- Now put points into lightweight armor, maxxing it. Do the same for large reactor.

This doesn't cost much, and gives you as much survivability as you can get. At this point, for not a terribly large amount of req, you have a pretty good ship. Everything from here on out increases your utility, gives you more modes of attacks, and helps you with awareness and movement a small amount.

At this point, how you grow the ship is to taste. You can do a lot of different things here, all working towards the same goal. I will continue recommending how I req it, however.

6- Finish slug railgun. There's a lot of debate on this one, and there's a lot of case to be made for doing something else here- such as maxing ion, or getting a few points in burst. I recommend finishing slug because with a maxxed slug, you know what you are about until you finish reqqing the ship. If you end up against some rival who figures this out, well, that's unfortunate- but that's unlikely to happen in the time you take to req up past this point. This takes awhile because of tier 4 and tier 5.

Now you can supply top slug dps to everything.

7- Finish Barrel Roll. I suggest speed, turning is the more traditional choice.

8- Finish Ion railgun. This will take awhile because of course, you have the tier 4 and tier 5 things.

Now you can swap between railguns and apply controls and area suppression. You are pretty much a fully mastered gunship at this point.

9- Acquire and complete burst laser cannon.

10- Range sensors to max.

Now you're done!
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05.19.2019 , 08:29 AM | #4
Listen to these guys but

TLDR: coles notes is you pick slug railgun and barrel roll and wingman and nothing else matters. just like the metallica lyrics say, you want to hit hard with the slug when theyre not looking. u want to priority your slugs onto the guy with low hull so you get the execution and the impressive solo score (for your team). THEN if you are getting focused u immediately use barrel roll to g.t.f.o. and hide and kite until they get bored. rinse and repeat just like a shampoo bottle says and you'll have a clean victory.

one last thing you always pick wingman bc u cant afford to miss any RNG. if u miss too much that means u run too much and it means u dont have enuff uptime. dont be tricked into hydrospammer as u should not fear death but instead fear being put into a theoretical 'cage' by ur enemies wit and protons.

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