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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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12.07.2019 , 08:08 PM | #9801
Quote: Originally Posted by JediAkemi View Post
I feel that if I have the tools to prevent a team-mate's death (and subsequent repair bill) and no-one else does, then on principle I should at least try even if it isn't officially my job. While my main focus on a damage-with-heals character should be on the damage, throwing a few heals around can't be a bad thing, right?
There is a line between supporting a valuable team member and enabling an idiot.

Watched someone die 4 times on trash on VM hammer by solo attacking mobs and packs we had gone past.

Got round to dealing with their garbage after finishing the trash pack or even boss fight we were already doing while they attacked unwarranted trash packs.

I will not spend combat resources on a walking sandbag. I may on very rare occasions heal someone worth healing if it makes more combat sense than letting them die and combat ressing on a 30s CD for a large "heal", repairs are your own responsibility, they don't just happen.

My priority is to complete a VM flashpoint as efficiently as possible while typically "tanking" so someone finding a way to die before me is very likely doing something unhelpful to the groups progress and I won't support that (not to mention offhealing is a massive penalty to me progressing the fight through damage).

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12.08.2019 , 11:49 AM | #9802
I can understand getting frustrated with people doing bizarre things.
I think it's because my top 4 characters are 3 healers (Operative, Commando, Sage) and my main Sentinel that I feel the way I do.

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12.09.2019 , 02:47 AM | #9803
Quote: Originally Posted by JediAkemi View Post
I can understand getting frustrated with people doing bizarre things.
I think it's because my top 4 characters are 3 healers (Operative, Commando, Sage) and my main Sentinel that I feel the way I do.
I'm the same. I main healer and I just can't not keep an eye on the hp bars and, if possible, try to help out. And if it's just by throwing a battle rez when needed.

That's probably why the two sages yesterday were so strange to me. No off heal required, but brez sure would've helped. I was listing with my 40ish dps Vanguard and we get Maelstrom. Laser eyes still hits like a truck randomly and us low(er) lvls die one after the other. The 75 Sage dps doesn't react to me asking to pick us up and plays hide and seek until he dies as well. His reasoning for not using his brez: He couldn't do it, he had aggro. Eh, not until the end, there was plenty time, but I let it slide. Next try I prompt him when it's safe for him to use it and we make it. No big deal.

Next FP is Kuat. Same Sage, a Shadow and a second Sage. Good, I think. Just in case, there's a back up battle rez. Ha. We get Station Guardian One at the end. The Shadow is kinda camping in the cleave, the adds are more of an afterthought for the Sages and the Shadow dies. Remembering the previous encounter I taunt the boss so there's no aggro on any battle rezzing Sage, just to make sure. No brez. Shadow is a tad rude, but that's still no reason to not pick him up. After a while I die as well. Still no brez. I ask in chat to please, please pick us up. Nothing. We wipe. The Shadow gets in a bit of an argument with the second Sage. I point out as polite as possible that if they'd picked us up we'd already be done and gone. We both get called childish. That Sage leaves, we get a replacement, no one dies even though the remaining Sage makes a point in not using the koltos, but oh well.
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Today , 01:38 PM | #9804
Quote: Originally Posted by JediAkemi View Post
Interesting. I'd never tested using the grappling line to pull a CC'd enemy out of the rest of the enemy group... but then I hardly play my Vanguard or my PT so I know next to nothing about that class.

Yeah, bubbles would've made all the difference, but I don't remember the Sages bubbling themselves, let alone the rest of us.
Oh well, c'est la vie.
They also could have pulled you, which would have dropped your aggro to those turrets.
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