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Backstory for YOUR main character?

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Backstory for YOUR main character?

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08.31.2019 , 09:17 AM | #1
I always find myself creating new Alts, even if I have done the story 100 times over, because i like creating backstories/origin stories for each new character. What is your backstory/lore around YOUR main character? I would love to hear what you have in store!

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08.31.2019 , 06:41 PM | #2
The character I considered my main was a miralian consular, but I've recently been replaying the story with a Chiss character (essentially the same character, but I find that the conflicting origin between the Chiss race and force sensitive class of Jedi Consular just feels a bit more fun to play).

I'm no expert on Star Wars lore (SWTOR is actually my only experience with the frenchise) but as far as I understand the Chiss look down upon force users, or at least Chiss force users within their nation, (if this is wrong, please correct me). So I have taken to imagine that my Chiss consular was an orphan on a non-imperial world who was discovered by a jedi while she was very little.

I feel like the beginning of the consular story suggests that you have at least been with the order for a while, but I don't quite understand why Yuon is your first master then, I never really looked into it but to Jedi have some sort of system they use for children before being assigned to a master?

Anyway, the basic story is just that I like to imagine that she grew up in the order as a result of this background.

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09.01.2019 , 07:59 AM | #3
Before I start with this let me preface that since I haven't written anything yet and this is all headcanon the backstory for my main character, Harbinger, is likely to change in a few details but long story short he's the son of a few influential and minor Sith Lords in charge of excavations in certain parts of Korriban. His mother manipulated his father into siring a son, so that she could raise him to be essentially her powerful right-hand (As well as having somebody from a powerful bloodline AKA a possible descendant of Ragnos whose blood could unlock the Holocron within the Sith Lord's tomb), for a few years that worked out on her favor until Harbinger's father found out about her plans and attacks her stronghold. He's able to kill her but his son sees it all and kills his father in a fit of rage (His mother manipulated him into hating his own father, and he was a harsh father but ultimately loving where as she put a facade of love but didn't really cared), after that debacle happens his mother's apprentice takes over the expeditions but Harbinger himself is sentenced to slavery as he gets the blame for all the bantha poodoo that went down.
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09.04.2019 , 02:39 PM | #4
I'm trying to come up with a backstory for my Imp characters. My marauder and mercenary are twin sisters. My sniper and sorcerer are brothers, the sniper the older brother. Both sets of siblings adopted into an imperial/sith family.

My question, what's the time frame from the beginning of the class story, to where we are now?
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09.05.2019 , 07:28 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by absolutetristan View Post
My question, what's the time frame from the beginning of the class story, to where we are now?
The game starts around 3643 BBY, for now the best guess as to what the timeline is that 12/13 years have passed so the current year would be around 3631 BBY or 3630 BBY. But again, that is merely a guess. Since Bioware hasn't said something like "Ossus is set during 3630 BBY."
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09.09.2019 , 10:12 PM | #6
Hi guys,
Here's the back story of my bounty hunter character - Corric Vess.

Corric Vess was born in Coruscant and the only child of Merric Sloan, a Republic diplomat and Kara Vess, a Mandalorian exile who fell in love with Merric during peace negotiations between the Republic and the Deathwatch at Mandalore.

At a young age, Corric was found gifted in many forms of competitive sport, particularly in blaster shooting and hand to hand combat. Many of his teachers believed that Corric was born to be a fighter rather than a diplomat, much to the displeasure of Merric who has been trying to groom his son to take over his position in the Republic Senate one day. Corric’s mother on the other hand encouraged him to develop his gifts and even schooled him in Mandalorian lore and history.

When he was old enough to travel alone, Corric left his home at Coruscant and travelled to Mandalore, hoping that he would get the opportunity to trace his mother’s humble origins and be accepted into a Mandalorian tribe for further training. While visiting a local town, Corric was caught in the middle of a war between two waring Mandalorian factions – the Deathwatch and a rebel Mandalorian tribe. Corric was captured by a rebel Mandalorian warrior during the battle and was brought back to the rebel hideout.

Forced to serve the tribe as a slave with the rest of the prisoners of war, Corric soon found favour in Reagar Dyre, the leader of the rebel Mandalorian tribe and the great great grandson of bounty hunter Rohlan Dyre. Reagar took Corric under his wing and trained him in the Mandalorian customs and warfare.

For many years, Corric participated in many of Reagar’s skirmishes to wrestle control of Mandalore from the Deathwatch and grew up to be a battle-harden young man. He was eventually gifted with Rohlan Dyre’s Mandalorian armor by Reagar. Soon, news came from Coruscant that his parents Merric and Kara were killed in a bombing, which prompted Corric to abandon his adopted Mandalorian family and return to Coruscant.

Refusing to accept that his parents’ death was coincidental, Corric broke into the Republic security archive and managed to retrieve all the evidence and reports. He soon began his own investigation and eventually met up with an undercover informant, who told him that the bomb was planted at the conference to take out all Republic diplomats, not just his parents.

Corric soon tracked the assassin down to Nar Shaddaa and forced him to reveal the mastermind of the bombing, which turned out to be Sith Commander Darth Tormen. Corric discovered that in order the attract the attention of Darth Tormen, he needs to first develop a reputation as the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter.

Corric began taking small time bounty hunting jobs at Nar Shadda and came into contact with Braden, a retired bounty hunter who sees potential in him. Braden agreed to negotiate with Nemro the Hutt in Hutta about sponsoring Corric into the Great Hunt.

(Story continues in SWTOR)

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09.26.2019 , 01:25 AM | #7
Hey guys.
Here's the backstory on my Female light sided Sith Warrior, Morgan Maximoff aka Darth Taranox.

Born in the year 3658 BBY on the planet of Ziost, Morgan Maximoff was the daughter to both Hellgad Ventor and Wanda Maximoff, two very powerful Sith Lords who served the Sith Empire, one of them being a Dark Council member during Emperor Vitiates rule. Like her parents and cousin Lana Beniko, Morgan Maximoff was a descendant of the Ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos whom he himself was also a descendant of Xo Xaan, one of the first exiled dark Jedi who descended upon the planet of Korriban soon after its discovery. Having the blood of both Marka Ragnos and Xo Xaan running through her veins, Morgan Maximoff became strong in the force at the tender age of ten. Having discovered her powers early on in life, Hellgad Ventor who would later be known as Darth Vowrawn and Wanda Maximoff who would also later be known as Darth Acina, made the decision of keeping their daughter's powers as a force sensitive a secret. The family then decided to leave Ziost and head to the imperial home world of Dromund Kass where they would soon settle and raise their child for the time being. In order to help Morgan control her force powers and keep them under the radar, Darth Vowrawn traveled to Korriban and requested the aid of one of the Sith Overseers, a man named Tremel Gryton who would later arrive on Dromund Kass and tutor Vowrawn and Acina's daughter on how to control her growing force powers in the hopes of keeping it under wraps while in public. Overseer Tremel accepted Darth Vowrawn's request and traveled back with him to the imperial home world of Dromund Kass. Trusting her husband's better judgement, Darth Acina allowed Overseer Tremel to tutor her daughter in the ways of the force. For most of her childhood and teenage years, Morgan Maximoff spent most of her life living on the imperial home world of Dromund Kass and was constantly sheltered by both of her parents during her early years and was vigorously trained and watched over by Overseer Tremel in both vibrosword training and force sensitive techniques. For Morgan, the only people who mattered to her most in life was her Father Darth Vowrawn, her Mother Darth Acina, and her friend and mentor Overseer Tremel. As time passed, Morgan was happy just being with the three of them but always yearned to play with someone her own age since her parents and Tremel were all adults. Even as a teenager Morgan Maximoff always had a secluded life since the day she was born. She never had any friends, and longed for a companion. Overseer Tremel stated that he had a daughter named Eskella who was about the same age as Morgan and promised that he would introduce his daughter to her at the appropriate time. Tremel knew Morgan was extremely lonely and longed for a friend. Overseer Tremel believed that Morgan and his daughter Eskella would get along well. On one fateful day, Morgan and her parents took a family vacation to the tropical world of Rishi, there Morgan met a young Emeraldian boy with long black hair named Azrael Syndulla. It was love at first site. She wanted to talk with him only to be stopped by Overseer Tremel stating that Sith hybrids especially those with royal blood ties to ancient Sith Lords should never associate themselves with alien scum. Despite Tremel's warnings, Morgan left her family's beach house during the middle of the night only to find the young Emeraldian boy finishing up his surfing practices. Morgan and Azrael finally locked eyes and introduced themselves to one another. The introduction was odd at first as both Azrael Syndulla and Morgan Maximoff's enormous bare feet began to tremble against one another within the hot sands out of sheer anxiety from the apparent encounter, but then as the encounter progressed the two became strangely fond with one another and quickly became the closest of friends. The two spent some time together, and soon after they spent weeks trying to impress one another. It was at that moment of showing off that Morgan Maximoff did the one thing that would change her life and set her destiny in stone forever. Morgan Maximoff proceeded in showing off her force abilities in order to impress her supposed "boyfriend" Azrael Syndulla, even when she was specifically told not to demonstrate any of her force powers to anyone by her parents and Overseer Tremel. Amazed by Morgan's force abilities, Azrael pleaded Morgan to show him more, and Morgan agreed. She then proceeded to lift several beach umbrellas from the sands as well as lifting up a couple of heavy rocks in the process. Imperial Military Officers who were stationed on the tropical world of Rishi at the time witnessed Morgan lifting up several objects with the force off of the beach. Having witnessed her powers first hand, the Imperials quickly informed their commanding officer who then reported directly to a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Thanaton who then ordered that the child be shipped off to Korriban and trained as a Sith. Learning that Morgan's parents Darth Vowrawn and Darth Acina were also on the planet for a family vacation, Thanaton confronted Vowrawn and Acina stating that it is imperative that their daughter be sent to Korriban immediately or risk execution. Darth Thanaton also stated that he had no intention of keeping this discovery a secret, he was planning on telling every high level Sith Lord within the empire. He planned to do so in the hopes of taking Vowrawn's seat within the dark council should Vowrawn and Acina refuse Thanaton's suggestion of sending their daughter to the Sith Academy on Korriban. With their hands tide ever so tightly, Vowrawn and Acina ended their little family vacation on Rishi and retreated back with their daughter to the imperial home world of Dromund Kass. Contemplating on making the hardest decision of their lives, Vowrawn and Acina decided that it would be in their families best interest to erase their daughter's memories entirely and allowing Overseer Tremel to become her newly adopted Father. Tremel and Acina reluctantly agreed with Vowrawn and so the three Sith began to use the dark side of the force in order to initiate a memory wiping ritual on Morgan Maximoff. When Morgan awakened, her former parents Darth Vowrawn and Darth Acina were no where to be seen and Overseer Tremel stood before her. Instead of introducing himself as her new Father as he was told to do so, Overseer Tremel introduced himself as a friend and mentor. Despite being honest to Morgan Maximoff by telling her who he actually was, Overseer Tremel kept the identities of Morgan's parents a secret. For eleven years Morgan Maximoff and Overseer Tremel traveled across the Sohndaan galaxy within Sith controlled space, learning the ways of the force and understanding what it means to be Sith. Eventually on her twenty first birthday, Overseer Tremel decided that it was time to send Morgan Maximoff off to the Sith Academy on Korriban ahead of schedule, It was around this time that Morgan Maximoff lost her memories once more as a result of an after effect of the memory wiping ritual that was cast upon her as a teenager. As a result of Morgan Maximoff losing her memory, Overseer Tremel had no choice but to re-introduce himself to Morgan Maximoff once she had successfully landed on Korriban. Overseer Tremel would be the one to oversee Morgan Maximoff's training, only to be interrupted by the curiosity of one of the most cleverly calculating, tactical minded, and by far one of the most feared Sith Lords within the empire's military and Intelligence division, Darth Baras. Through her new master Darth Baras, Morgan Maximoff was given the Sith name of "Taranox" which is a pun on the word terror and through her continued service and loyalty to Darth Baras, Taranox gained the title of "Lord". This relationship between master and apprentice was not to last forever, at some point in time Darth Baras would betray his former apprentice and state his supposed false claim as "voice of the emperor". Taranox would soon challenge her former master with the support of her adopted guardian, friend, and mentor Overseer Tremel, the ambitious Sith Lord and council representative Lord Rathari whom Taranox had spared on Nar Shaddaa, and her biological father and Dark Council member Darth Vowrawn who at the time had no idea that Taranox was actually his daughter whom he and Acina were forced to abandon for eleven years. Taranox also gained the support of another Dark Council member by the name of Darth Decimus, whom Taranox had aided during the assault on Corellia. With the light side of the force guiding Taranox's purple cross guarded lightsaber towards the dark council chambers, Taranox recognized that she had also gained the support and dark blessing of Emperor Vitiate through the vessel of his true voice that she had encountered with on the planet of Voss. Having the support of so many allies along with Emperor Vitiate and his dark hand of servants and followers, Lord Taranox preached her newly acquired title as the Emperor's wrath to all of the Dark council members who were present within their chambers, and after a long exchange of harsh words which resulted in a very heated lightsaber duel between former master and apprentice, Taranox succeeded in killing her former master Darth Baras in the eyes of the Dark Council. Having killed her former master, Taranox was then given the title of "Darth" recognizing not just the defeat and execution of her former master but also in reassuring her official title as the Emperor's wrath and so history was made. The official backstory of Darth Taranox within the Legends continuity ends here...

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10.04.2019 , 07:12 PM | #8
For the main vanilla story, I adhere to the story as much as possible.

My character's backstory. He's a lightside Cathar Sith Sorcerer, and I think the backstory let me have some fun. I don't usually headcanon things in the game unless it as far as I can tell, won't interfere too badly with the main stories/expansion, etc., but I wanted to craft my character and his family and background, so, yeah I did and here it is below, an abbreviated version:

Sorcer Name: Raion'Sosara, Alliance Commander, formerly Darth Imperius of the Dark Council (side note about the name, yeah, I tend to just Google Translate or app translation from English to <insert language> for my characters so Sorcerer's Name in english in Lion Sorcerer. But to add lore and background to his name in the game, since his family were slaves, the men in his family incorporated the name of their Father into their name in a way to show where they came from, who they come from. The Raion in his name is his Father's name, while the Sosara is his actual/given name, but most still tend to call him Raion.

My sorcerer is the adopted child of Lord Zanisk and Lord Adacin (the two Sith featured in the Inferno Uprising). Raion's birth parents (human father, cathar mother... his Cathar features are said to favor his mother) were slaves of the two sith. Two months before his birth, Raion's father was traded to another Sith where he was ultimately killed after he was captured by his new masters after he tried to escape to see the birth of his son. Raion's mother had been ill during the last couple of weeks before his birth due to an spreading illness epidemic spreading amongst the various slaves of the Sith. As she was dying giving birth, Raion's mother's dying words as he was born were for her masters, Zanisk and Adacin, to take her son on as their own son, which they did.

My notes: With regards to the above, since I played Raion as light side, and if I'm going to have to suffer through the Valkorion family drama, I also decided to headcanon some family drama for my character. It was the only way to get through the expansions:

Skipping ahead to KOTFE, by the time KOTFE rolls around, after the death of Marr, and the disappearance of Raion, Zanisk and Adacin grew increasinlgy upset with the Sith Empire's handling, or non-handling, of the Zakuul threat, fled to their powerbase on Ord Mantel with their followers, and Sith/Empire survivors and sympathizers of the tragedy of Darth Marr. When he was young, Adacin and Zanisk always taught Raion to harness the lightside... or as they'd say, "Show the galaxy the light in the darkness", but after Zakuul conquering the Empire and Republic, the Death of Marr, and the disappearance of their son, they ultimately fell to the dark side.

Skipping ahead to Inferno. Raion never thought he'd be given the Intel for this mission. A group of Sith posing a threat to the Alliance, more specifically, his parents. To keep this short, parents too far gone in their hatred and the dark side and their plotting and scheming against Zakuul, Sith Empire, Republic, the Alliance, Raion had to end their suffering. After killing his parents, Raion cleansed them back to the light, and their spirits wander the Yavin family compound Raion and his parents would call their Sith Academy (which basically means, I have the Adacin and Zanisk holo personnel decorating my Yavin SH).

I know it's lame, but I was coming up with it after going through my millionth run of KOTFE/KOTET.
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10.08.2019 , 11:37 AM | #9
I wanted to update also with my Sorcerer, Raion, his older sister, the former Empire's/Emperor's Wrath, and the Outlander, Koneko.

They aren't related, but just both adopted by Zanisk and Adacin. I play her lightside just like Raion. She's older than Raion by ten years. I picture their ages at the start of vanilla, she's 26, he's a baby at 16.

But to her backstory, I don't want a long wall of text, so I'll try to keep it short. Her parents were Cathar (her features favor her father), her father was discovered to be force sensitive by a team of Sith (which included Zanisk and Adacin) and he was forced to become one (still working out specifics, this is just the general idea). Koneko's father was a prospective Sith, her mother an Imperial Citizen. He trained under Zanisk and Adacin, and became their ally and part of their powerbase.

When Koneko was a five, her parents were assassinated by a group of Human and Purebloods who were upset that a lowly Cathar was allowed into the fold and allowed to sully the integrity and legacy of the Sith. She was adopted by her parents friends and allies, Zanisk and Adacin. Five years later, Raion was born.

Zanisk trained Koneko and she spent years as his personal bodyguard before being allowed to train at Korriban. The same would happen with Raion and Adacin.

Moving more into current stories, she's the Outander, she's the one Arcann and Vaylin hunted. She's the one Valkorion wants to inhabit. Raion's actually jealous. They were captured by Arcann together. They were rescued by Lana together. And he may be the Alliance Commander (still plotting specifics, but basically it boils down to little brother wanted to defend his sister), but Koneko is the one everyone is in a hoopla over. He's really jealous after Arcann only broadcasts about Koneko during their escape and adventures through Zakuul.

Going into Inferno, while Raion was troubled with their parents as highilighted above in the post about him, Koneko saw it as the final piece of her training.
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10.26.2019 , 07:57 PM | #10
Nothing really for my main-main character, my Jedi Guardian. He was born on some world that I haven't even decided yet, found out to be a Force sensitive and then trained.

My smuggler, though, she probably has most backstory, as she's the great-great-etc grandmother of my main Star Wars tabletop gaming character. I say that soon before the opening mission on Ord Mantell, she was the only survivor of a crew that ran afoul of two feuding Hutts. She lived, barely, and escaped Nal Hutta, using what few credits she had left to get a new name and identity before setting off for what she thought would be one final run.