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2.0 infiltration pvp questions

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2.0 infiltration pvp questions

Kurvv's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 07:25 PM | #1
Unfortunately I can't download the pts client to test things out myself, but I have a few skill tree questions to anyone there playing infiltration in pvp:

Expertise vs. psychokinesis/force synergy - Is the 18% dmg on shadow technique worth taking over the force cost reduction on cs and project + losing 3% crit from melee attacks? On live the answer would definitely be "no" but I'm not sure how hard shadow technique hits now/how much of our dmg it makes up.

Nerve wracking vs. judgement - Which of these is better? Neither is amazing but to me it seems like nerve wracking has the edge because of how important spinning kick is in our opening rotation. I rarely have trouble finishing off anyone below 30% with 1 spinning strike now, but with the changes to shields making them more attractive, 30% on a tank could actually require more than 1-2 attacks to remove.
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DaftVaduhhh's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 08:41 PM | #2
The sub 30% aspect of the talent is really worth the investment 90% of the time in PvP, but the cheap execute move is. That makes your shadow strike proc & spinning strike 1 force point short of being force neutral (assuming you take Psychokinesis).

Yes, Psychokinesis is a must. Force Synergy will become more attractive as crit rates rise, however I don't think it would be wise initially, especially given the higher damage (and lower rate) of Shadow Technique's proc could be boosted by Battle Readiness (that +16% becomes +32%, and also triggers on Project if you're using CS).

For 36 infil, I would just go with:

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