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Top 8 Class Storylines?

Danniann's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 05:56 AM | #1
Hey I was curious to see what everyone's favorite storylines are. Feel free to place the 8 class storylines in order from least to greatest. As an example here is my ranking for the stories.
8.Jedi Counselor
7 .Smuggler
6.Sith Inquisitor
5. Jedi Knight
4. Bounty Hunter
3. Trooper
2. Sith Warrior
1. Imp Agent

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 06:39 AM | #2
8 Imperial Agent
7 Bounty Hunter
6 Jedi Consular (My first character was a JC. I finished her story three years later. But the IA and BH stories are worse)
5 Jedi Knight
4 Smuggler
3 Sith Warrior
2 Sith Inquisitor
1 Trooper
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RowanThursday's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 06:42 AM | #3
8. Trooper
7. Bounty Hunter
6. Smuggler
5. Sith Warrior
4. Sith Inquisitor
3. Jedi Knight
2. Jedi Consular
1. Imperial Agent
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ZanyaCross's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 09:33 AM | #4
1. Warrior
2. Inquisitor
3. Agent
4. Bounty Hunter
5. Smuggler, Trooper, Knight (tie)
6. ....
7. ....
8. Consular

Sadly, most of the stories feel like they were written by two different people. All of them start out wonderfully, but then turn into something completely unrelated (and mediocre) when Act 2 rolls around. The exceptions are the Warrior, Agent, and Inquisitor stories, which feel like a cohesive story with a beginning, middle, and climax.

KendraP's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 02:29 PM | #5
This is very much an opinion based question, but my order would be:
1. Knight: just very Star Wars, typical hero story but very well done. Also contains my favorite advanced class, Guardians.
2. Imperial Agent: where the knight has a very linear, predicatable (yet satisfying at least for me) story, the IA is much less predictable and the wider variety of outcomes is nice. Also has my second favorite AC, operatives.
3. Sith inquisitor: I like the come from nothing and rise to power sort of plot. It was, all in all, rather well done.
4. Jedi consular: I realize this story gets a bit dull at times, but it's really more politics/diplomacy than action and I think that's why it gets begged as dull.
5. Sith warrior: best part is antagonizing baras. Lol other than that, it is a well written sith story. Very sith-like. I can see why it's rated rather higher by most people, but I'm a bit of a sucker for good guy/happy ending stories. I did say my favorite was jedi knight. My dude is a light side guardian toom
6. Smuggler: witty like you'd expect from a Han solo inspired class. I'm not as into it personally, for much the same reason as warrior. I'd say that you become a bit too loyal to the republic. I mean the point is you're after credits after all.
7. Trooper: I was actually excited when I first made this class. After all, it's another sort of good guy/hero story. But after the first chapter it got a tad dull for me. Plus Garza is annoying, just to get to her office and serving under her. Ending (I was LS) was a huge let down. It does have the most heart wrenching decision in the game in my opinion.
8. Bounty Hunter: I think this rates lowest for me purely because I just don't like being a bounty hunter lol. It has the same problems the smuggler experiences too; just too loyal to the empire. My BH is a rattataki PT. He constantly faces racism (alien-ism?) From imperials yet is loyal to them anyway. Surely they don't pay that well. And unlike my zabrak sin, where I enjoy watching him overcome this bias, that's not really present with the BH.

Like I said I'm a sucker for good guy happy ending stories and that, combined with that it just really feels like star wars (not to mention, is in all likelihood the closest thing to a kotor 3 we'll ever get) make jedi knight my personal favorite. I'd say even if you're not fond of the story archetype you'd still find it to be the best pub story. The character I consider my main is a LS guardian tank which I find really fits the story well.

PanVlk's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 02:49 PM | #6
1) Agent
2) Consular
3) Inquisitor
4) Trooper
5) Knight
6) Warrior
7) Smuggler
8) Bounty Hunter

From personal best to worst.
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MadDutchman's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 07:17 PM | #7
1. SI
2. SW
3. JK
4. Smuggler
5. Agent
6. Consular
7. BH
100. Trooper (I can't even finish this one for Legendary status it's so painful...)
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americanaussie's Avatar

09.14.2016 , 08:38 PM | #8
I've yet to finish 3 but my top ones are:

1. Imperial Agent
2. Sith Inquisitor
3. Sith Warrior
4. Bounty Hunter
5. Jedi Knight

My smuggler is super interesting so it'll fit up there nicely, but I get so bored with the Consular and the Trooper.
In SOR and Ziost, my fav by FAR is Sith Warrior. Followed by the SI, then the JK, and the Agent. There is nothing cooler than playing the SW through SOR. I think the story line is well suited for it, over the Jedi.

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09.14.2016 , 10:03 PM | #9

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09.16.2016 , 11:09 AM | #10
1. Imperial Agent

2. Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight

4. Jedi Consular

5. Smuggler

6. Trooper/Bounty Hunter

8. Sith Inquisitor

Honestly, the Inquisitor is the only one I didn't really like overall.