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Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components, Crew, Tips)

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Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components, Crew, Tips)
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01.25.2017 , 08:18 AM | #391
The thread offers good suggestions. But is very Premade and Pro heavy. As a solo player, the correct configuration of the entire hangar is much more important. In addition, there are several builds that are weak against strong opponents, but OP against weaker ones. An example is the Fortress shield. Therefore, a start for a hangar discussion. My looks like this:

Quarrel / Mangler, Condor / Jurgoran, Flashfire / Sting, Spearpoint / Bloodmark and Rampart / Razorwire

The configuration is different depending on the opponents who are on the road.

Example Quarrel / Mangler:

I like to use Fortress, Ion, Plasma, and Rotational Thrusters, when Premades are on the other side, I switch to Distortion, Slug and Barrel Roll.

Oh yes, I play ONLY on Win%, not a comparison with the best pilots.

* Translation from the German with the help of Google Translate ^^
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05.09.2017 , 12:54 PM | #392
Reposting this guide here, because its worthwhile and important for any new pilot:

Quote: Originally Posted by RickDagles View Post
If I'm in a group, I can easily be competitive with 7 GSF matches and the weekly. Assuming you lose all 7 games, if you do the daily every day and get the 2x bonus on your ship, that's roughly:

4x - 1400 for 2x bonus = 5600
3x - 700 for the normal 1x games = 2100
3x - 938 daily = 2814
1x - 3125 weekly

That totals 13,639 requisition or more realistically 15,277 if you do 1 extra game and get the 4th daily. You'll also have enough fleet requisition at this point to get a crew member.

So what can you do with 13,639 requisition?

T1 Bomber Rampart/Razorwire:
1500 beacon
2500 charged plating to level 1
6000 full deflection armor
1000 seismic mine to level 1
1000 concussion mine to level 1

(1250) fleet to get structural support defense crewman

So with only 12,000 ship req and 1250 fleet req you already have a nearly full meta charged plating Razorwire/Rampart that can DOMINATE as part of a TEAM. Really the only important upgrade missing here is armor penetration on heavy laser cannons, but you are at probably 80% strength compared to a mastered version. This is the best domination support ship. Get a team and go win.

T2 Bomber Legion/Warcarrier
2000 seeker mines to level 1
3000 railgun drone to level 1

With only 5000 requistion you already have the best TDM support ship. You've still got 10,000 requisition to play with to your heart's content. You will eventually want level 4 seeker mines for the extra speed upgrade, but this ship is about 80% strength compared to the mastered ship. Get a team and go win.

T1 Gunship Mangler/Quarrel:
3500 barrel roll to level 2
2500 regeneration extender 2
8500 slug railgun to level 3

13,500 requisition and you can be a sniper for your team, with the ability to kill turrets for your teammate T1 Bomber Rampart/Razowire (since he won't have the upgrade for heavy laser cannon armor pen yet). Again, get a team.

You can even req this up at the same time as a T1 Bomber Rampart/Razorwire since you can use your 5000 fleet req intro mission to buy both of these 2500 ships.

T1 Novadive/Blackbolt
1000 rocket pod to level 1
3500 barrel roll to level 2
3000 target telemetry to level 1
2000 regular lasers to level 0
1500 distortion field to level 0
2500 lighweight armor to level 2

13,500 requisition for a ship with crazy high DPS and 31% evasion. Scouts take a bit longer to hit their gear ceiling, but this ship is still about 60% as strong as mastered. If you are part of a team, this will do a terrific job at hunting gunships to take pressure off your team, especially your T1 Bomber Rampart/Razorwire (domination).

If you had a team of 4 mastered ships against my team with 4 of these "weak 1 weekly" ships, I am very confident we would still win.
This is especially nice in light of the new changes to requisition coming in 5.2.2!
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11.29.2017 , 07:46 PM | #393
Anybody have issues trying to get to the first page of this thread? I keep getting a maintenance error message just for that page.

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01.09.2018 , 01:06 PM | #394
This guide is old and outdated. While there is still some good advice here, check out SRW's ship guides post 5.5 -- it's the age of the Strike Fighter!


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03.31.2018 , 02:12 PM | #395
How would you guys rate all the Primaries and Secondaries as they currently stand?

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06.18.2018 , 03:58 PM | #396
Also we should have camera sensitivity option for better movement aim control.
We should be able to fly our ships manually on a world and in space between missions

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08.18.2018 , 01:57 PM | #397
Wow, this was extensive and incredible! Thanks for the hard work compiling all this it really consolidates information.
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07.19.2020 , 05:02 AM | #398
Stasiepedia is outdated. Update 5.5 made a lot of changes. Components were tweaked. Ships have different choices. Strikes are more powerful now. The meta has changed and as a result the viable builds have too. The prevalence of Proton Torpedoes, nerfs to evasion, Distortion Field, and Ion Railgun have also encouraged a different play style and mentality.

Community members are updating Stasiepedia. Stay tuned.