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Most toxic Community in SWTOR

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01.14.2020 , 04:46 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
Anyway, req does'nt matter. Here's a fast rule of thumb. It's not perfect, but check out your accuracy when you are not using railguns. Is that value like, above 20%? If not, you are probably leaving half your damage on the ground because you don't know how to aim yet.
You won't get a better piece of advice than this. GSF is a twitchy game, and knowing how to aim is just as important as knowing how to move and how to approach your targets. Going up against high-evasion targets or targets that zip around a lot is one thing, but if you can't at least semi-consistently line up shots against your targets with anything other than Lights or Rapids, then you can't do damage, you can't get kills, and you can't win games. Your aim should be at least 30% with Lights or Rapids, and preferably even higher (40% or more) with Heavies or Bursts. I've had games where I got over 60% with Bursts and I still felt like I was missing a lot.

Don't just spray wildly and expend your weapon power, take shots only when you're lined up and work on your reticule movement. Being centered is even better, but just learn how to keep your reticule on target to start. Even a stock T1 Scout can rack up some kills against unsuspecting Gunships or Bombers if they know what they're doing.