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Apex Predator

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02.25.2020 , 08:19 PM | #11
Try running 6 pieces of concentrated fire for the set bonus and 1 piece of the amplified set. The 7th piece is normally a throwaway, but the amplified will give you an extra 1% of armor penetration (or other one you desire if you are not arsenal) on top of the 2.5% for the armoring (3.5% total for that piece).
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02.26.2020 , 08:39 PM | #12
I'm disappointed with the set pieces in general. All 2-piece bonuses are boring stat bumps and you cannot mix any 4 or 6 piece sets to receive bonuses from different sets.

I think they should have made the generic sets have a 2 piece bonus that makes a small change to a base class ability, i.e. Energy shield cooldown reduced by 15 seconds, Hydraulic Override lasts an additional 2 seconds.

Sets that give stat increases in their 2/4/6 bonuses are extremely boring.

Since tacticals are just an extension of Utilities in item form, why not make sets do the same instead of just boost stats.
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03.05.2020 , 04:55 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by steveerkcanjerk View Post
I myself have now tested this set in pvp and pve extensively. Concentrated fire is straight-up better then the set. And here's why

1. Having that increase crit is just a god send in dmg, especially if you are arsenal. Without going into the numbers i find my dps much much higher.
2. Managing your heat in apex predator was much easier I will admit but the dps trade off was simply not worth it as heat can still be managed well with a bit of effort.
3. Supercharge stacks coming back really fast is awesome for dps, especially in longer fights. You will be surprised how much it adds up.

1. Once again the crit increase from CF set. Amazing at bursting people
2. Auto crit rail shot when using supercharged gas, great melter. Hit someone for 70k with it. (stacking armor piercing)
3. The sustained benefit from apex predator once again does not outweigh the dmg potential for CF.
How much is tracer hitting for with all the stacks? That.s really what I'm curious about
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03.08.2020 , 02:19 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by PhatMcMuffins View Post
How much is tracer hitting for with all the stacks? That.s really what I'm curious about
looks like about 43% increase.

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