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Uprisings in 6.2.1 - Feedback

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Uprisings in 6.2.1 - Feedback
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Yesterday , 03:07 PM | #31
Based on the current game state (not PTS):
Yes - I like playing uprisings because they are a non stop killing fest that is a nice way to mix up flashpoints and I am at the point where I don't need any more gear, etc. That said, I find the current rewards for uprisings to need a small boost put them on par with flashpoints and if I needed the tech frags or was still working up to 306 gear, I would not play uprisings as a result. The amount of loot that drops in uprisings is reasonable for the effort required, but the reduced amount of tech frags and the complete absence of conquest points are a big downside compared to just running flashpoints.

In summary: uprisings do need a bit of a reward boost as they don't provide as much gear, tech frags, and no conquest points for enemies killed. I'd be happy with just a boost to tech frag rewards & conquest points as the amount of gear you get is reasonable for the difficulty, just not time investment.

As for which ones I play:
  • Landing party - this is my favourite, love the tileset and it feels great. Lots to do as a tank or dps in this one.
  • Firefrost - this one is pretty good but it can be frustrating to deal with all the knockbacks/stuns & explody droids & the two "bosses" in master mode. I like how it makes lots of "watch your step" but the way the adds spawn are a bit annoying (always spread out).
  • Inferno - I like this one, feels fun and fast, difficulty is a tiny bit on the easy side, the first boss room gets very boring with his high health once all the waves of adds stop spawning
  • Trench runner - This one is fast and kind of weird. I don't like it on the higher difficulties and I'm not 100% sure why. It can be a little hard for healers as you can't tank enough of the enemies, but on story mode it's too easy and really fast
  • Fractured - if it wasn't for the stupid glitch on the last boss that you need to figure out (with the red force field) this would also be a great uprising and well balanced. The other part I don't like is when you jump down from the catwalks and click the console, the red force field beside it should come down so players don't get stuck behind it (can happen if they die)
  • Done and Dusted - I have mixed thoughts on this one, it's fun and I like it, but the boss fights in the open area aren't that great. On master mode, the mine field is stupid and punishes melee way too much. The adds in this area just feel pointless and are frustrating until you figure out that you should just ignore most of them. Other than the mine field I really like this one but feels like it takes longer so should reward better than others.
  • Trial and error - it's cute at first to become a rhakghoul, but then it's just the one I avoid. I really dislike the balance on this one and how do you get out of being a rhakghoul so you can loot?!!? This and divided we fall are the worst two with this one being the hardest by far.
  • Crimson fang - This is fun, but it just feels way too long/slow so I don't play it often. More loot to compensate?
  • Divided we fall - I don't like this one that much and it feels way too long and not as much fun, very all over the place.
  • Destroyer of worlds - this one is a mixed bag... it's really neat how it's just endless waves of enemies to try and race to keep your droid alive, but it's also frustrating as hell and the droids keep pulling you around. The first boss is confusing as hell and the mechanics are boring once you figure them out. I almost never play this one, but I do enjoy the aspect of fighting endless waves with no break. Final boss is a snooze fest and you can easily get locked out as there is no visual queue for that.

I think I've done all except trench runner and divided we fall on master mode. I've done all of them on veteran mode. Most of the uprisings feel extremely easy (as a player who regularly does challenging endgame content) and I wouldn't mind a bump up in the difficulty on master mode, but at the same time I like the fact that you feel like a god of destruction in uprisings and wouldn't want that to go away. Some of the bosses on Master Mode are really fun and take a few tries to figure out the mechanics. The bosses that come to mind that I like are in done and dusted (beast master and final boss), landing party (first and last boss), firefrost last boss (but the explody droids get a bit excessive), inferno last boss (and 2nd to last boss on Master mode), last boss of crimson fang.

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Yesterday , 03:38 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Batwer View Post
I keep wondering why we should discuss here. BW is not interested in our opinion anyway. The change is implemented. No matter what is written here. We have seen it so often.

Instead of focusing on the Ursprings, should there be better rewards for the bonus bosses in the FP.
Please don't say that! with the last couple of changes to uprisings I actually do them quite a bit now and find them a fun alternative to flashpoitns, if anything they do need increase the rewards for uprisings as flashpoints are almost 2x as rewarding when you consider tech frag farming.