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Clan Theroa - Recruitment. Roleplay

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Clan Theroa - Recruitment. Roleplay

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03.28.2020 , 01:18 PM | #1
Greetings Hunters and Huntress's of the Galaxy Clan Theora is searching for new blood to join our ranks and become honourable warriors, side by side with your new brothers and sisters, whether your an old vod looking for a new clan we want you.
If your a new hunter or huntress looking to become greater we want you!
If your a Sith or Jedi finding your philosophies to be shambles and with to become something much greater come and join us.

weather your a smuggler, con, just lost in this galaxy we will train you, teach you what is it to be Mandalorian, give you a home and family.

if you are looking for this and interested Follow the instructions sent with this Holo message.
*there is a Data fire attached with a set of com codes to send out, it seems like a rather specific tracking signal to those with the eyes for it*

(Hello and thank you for reading the RP section of this post, as you see clan theroa is a Mandalorian RP clan based on Darth Malgus, we are looking for all sorts of rpers, Mandalorians with (or Jedi) looking to find a new way and much more (slaves, traders who will be trained in the ways ect.) we are priority an RP guild, although with the current times we are also PVE for the need of credits and expansion in areas for the guild and its players as they build.
We are recently back from a long break and are looking to grow so if you do join do not be surprised if that number is very low.

we have a Discord: : Join if you with and @Ordo if you wish to speak if I didn't already say hello.

We have our stronghold and a Guild ship, although the ship is always a WIP at the moment.

To contact me in-game I will be on: Ash'o

I look forward to a hopefully good response and seeing you all in future.