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An example on how to reintroduce class stories/dynamics

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An example on how to reintroduce class stories/dynamics

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02.21.2019 , 11:05 PM | #1
So, as has been discussed several times, itís hard to go back to class stories after the last few expansions where everyone is the same role in the galaxy. Itís been suggested that the only way to return to class stories is major retcon. But, hereís an example of how they might bring that back without completely retconning everything.

Presumably Malgus is going to be a major element in the new story as either the main bad guy or the right hand of the main bad guy, the Vader to the Palpatine if you will. This is perfect. Under the new leadership, the Empire once again becomes the dominant power for the galaxy. Plot points resulting from this:

  • The Alliance is over. Itís destroyed by the new empire, and the remaining forces are folded into whichever side your character fights for. Of course, BioWare canít take away planets completely, so Odessen becomes a neutral ground for diplomatic meetings and such, with a strict no fighting rule enforced by both sides. Zakuul also chooses to remain neutral, and being in wild space, is also not really much of a concern for either side.

  • Remember that every single character who makes it this far, both Empire and Republic, has killed Malgus previously. Malgus wants revenge and hunts your character down. Without the Alliance for support, your character and his/her loyal companions become the most wanted people in the galaxy and is forced to go into hiding.

  • Now, no longer the commander, no longer with an army at your back, you are forced to return to your old skills and training to survive. Hence, the new missions your character plays will be tailored to your character classís specific talents and specialties, returning to class-specific stories and dynamics as people have been begging for.

Or something like that.

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02.22.2019 , 01:45 AM | #2
The major obstacle to per-class stories (whole stories) is *money*.

For sure you need to get all 48 class VAs (eight base classes, two sexes, three languages. 48.) in the studio to record their lines, but:
* One story (KotFE/ET) ==> you need one set of lines for all NPCs, with a few variations for class-specific lines like when Arcann talks about your past in KotFE-I, or when Lana greets the Imp player at the beginning of Forged Alliances.
* One story per faction (Ilum, Makeb, Ossus) ==> you have two stories, so you need to write and record two sets of NPC lines.
* One story per class (classic 1-50, that one mission on Rishi) ==> you need to write eight sets of lines for NPCs.

And of course the same logic applies to all other work associated with the story - locations must be modelled(1), cinematics must be scripted, etc.

(1) Yes, I know, they saved some money on Rishi because some of the per-class story instances are shared between two classes, but it was only the location that was shared, not the cinematics and story-writing.
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02.22.2019 , 10:45 AM | #3
I would pay a higher subscription fee if it meant more class-based story content.

I'd pay significant money if it would get us more quality class-based content.
Heavy on the quality -- no buggy baloney or TV trope-heavy artificial drama.

Maybe they should do a Kickstarter. If not enough players are interested, it flops. If enough players are interested in a one-time fee, we all get more content, without increasing the subscription rates of those who can't afford it.

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02.24.2019 , 07:36 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
I would pay a higher subscription fee [snip]
A higher tax rate doesn't equal better government, and a higher sub fee for a game doesn't guarantee better quality gaming.

I can just imagine this forum catching on fire the moment all of the $24.99/month subscribers suddenly encountered a game-stopping bug, and every post would look like this:


I'd take my $15 a month elsewhere if the sub gets hiked. Still have my EQ2 account.

And if you want another argument against it, a pricier game in a competitive market, a game based on licensed intellectual property that might end one day on top of that, makes zero sense.
EA would be pricing itself out of the market in a short-term strategy for .... maybe.... better content while pushing away price-sensitive current customers.

No logic in that.
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