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Public listings would be way better if prestige was calculated differently

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Public listings would be way better if prestige was calculated differently

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02.28.2020 , 07:10 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
Do people with more than the maximum number of strongholds and more decos than the limits still get Prestige for all that? If so, the system is borked and needs fixing.

Especially after Bioware swore up and down that the decoration inventory wouldn't be additive during the server merge, but instead based on the highest totals.
Yep, decorations were absolutely made additive with the merge, completely opposite of what we were told would happen. So for example, in my case the servers that were merged for me were the three west coast ones, so the decos I had at 999 prior to the merge are now 2997. That's just extra +2s of course, but they certainly do add up. Though honestly it's impossible to tell how accurately that's even calculating into prestige without more hours of painstaking math than I'm willing to do.

It would be impossible and unfair at this point to try to roll back to pre-merge totals, because people will have placed decos, they will have added a lot to their count since then, and etc (even assuming there was a record of what the pre-merge totals were). But at minimum decos in excess of 999 is an absolute bug that ought to be remedied; all of those should be pulled down to the 999 cap. That at least would mean that others are technically able to match the number, which would be impossible if they're trying to match 2997.

Honestly I think making decos additive would have been the right thing to do regardless, because people paid for all those server transfers, often many times, and for a lot of those years they weren't at all cheap. I did many years of obsessive and meticulous cross-server shopping specifically to acquire hard to find decos that could only be traded person to person via obsessive monitoring of Trade chat and not on the GTN (looking at you Oricon raid decos, and the astronomical prices I paid for you ), and that was a lot of real life money put down to enable it. Additive would have been a fair route in my opinion, but what absolutely wasn't fair was that it was the opposite of what they said would happen, so some people didn't realize they were going to have that choice/option before them.

If I had my dream, the cap for all decos in game would all be 999 (no more of that silly 1/5/10/50 nonsense on random decos), and anyone server-merge-bugged with a deco count higher than 999 should have that number slashed down to the correct 999 cap.

Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
I'd love to have an Upvote feature on strongholds, as long as there isn't a downvote, and as long as the vote is Legacy-wide, so people can't create-vote-destroy alts to inflate their numbers.
I agree that I think an Upvote without a Downvote would be important. Someone so selfish they want to game the system to falsely arrange to have themselves mega-Upvoted is annoying but oh well, kind of comes with the terrain of the modern day. I'm willing to accept that's a possibility, as long as they can't also flipside vindictively Downvote anyone else.

In my dreams I'd love to see a system that let people give something like a 1-5 star rating across a few categories, to ultimately land at an overall rating for a SH. Categories like: Theme, Variety, Design.

Sometimes I see strongholds where it's clear someone has an excellent sense of symmetry and color palette, but I see nothing at all in them as regards a theme or setting they might be trying to evoke, it's just a sequence of the same plant-crystal-flag perfectly symmetrically balanced. I might give that person kudos for design, but critique their lack of theme and variety. Conversely I've seen people do delightfully creative things in evoking obvious themes without the slightest hint of symmetry; I love it when I can walk into a SH room and say "this is obviously supposed to be a kitchen / beauty station / treasure vault." We're all working with the same set of tools, so seeing which people can make the same tools look and feel different and intriguing is very cool.

Then again, a system that allowed that sort of granular reviewing I think would also require something else we've often asked for: info plaque decorations, like the ones you can hover over on the Manaan planet instance, something decorators could use to make very clear what a room or overall SH is supposed to be. While of course being able to figure out the theme even without a plaque is a testament to decorator's skill, it would be more fair to let everyone tell you upfront and then let people judge based on the goal.

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03.01.2020 , 10:35 AM | #12
Everytime I see someone with over a million prestige I think back to that server merge. I didn't get any extra decos from that and it makes me sad the boards are skewed. There's about 50 decorations you can get with a reasonable amount of credits only up to 999 so that's an extra 200,000 prestige some people have per server that was merged.

But it's happened now, can't do anything about it. Unless there's a prestige adjustment in future, which I very much doubt, we are where we are.

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03.26.2020 , 09:37 AM | #13
Once we re at it.... i d love to be able to buy another stronghold of the same type and decorate it differently... or an outfit designer for SHs at least, where i could switch through themes i decorated