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How do you survive in ranked arena?

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How do you survive in ranked arena?

Ralph_Panda's Avatar

10.09.2018 , 03:22 PM | #1
Like i get instantly deleted many times even during Kolto override since everyone seems to focus me.

Playing pyro pt

tweekbrand's Avatar

10.09.2018 , 03:26 PM | #2
Change spec. PT's are usually first on the kill order because they melt like butter.

Bonzenaattori's Avatar

10.10.2018 , 02:01 AM | #3
blow my load then hard kite

rolandps's Avatar

10.11.2018 , 04:22 AM | #4
How I play PyroTech in SR (and I am doing pretty well mostly, as well carrying some games)...

4 Damage Dealer match:
In the beginning, stay a bit back. It's important to not stay back for too long, your timing needs to be as good as possible. Usually you won't have 3 Mercenaries in your team, so unless you have 3 wannabe tank DDs in your team matched, you should be aware that if you keep back for too long, your second weak DD will die, and it's gonna be your fault if you loose, even if you survive longer. Keep back until you can see the enemy your team wants to focus drops in life / you can spot him at a proper position. Wait a bit until one of your team mates starts to drop, then jump into combat.
Pop Warzone Adrenal (15 seconds damage reduction increased by 15%), use Kolto Overload early if you don't have the utility for breaking hardstuns with it. Do as much damage as you can (single target, probably scorch the 2nd target as well).
After Kolto Overload wears off, pop Energy Shield + Med Pack, finish your burst phase. Now pop your Hydraulic Override and kite away. Don't run straight, do it smart, LoS as much as possible, confuse your enemies. Start running in one direction and jump down a different one.
If enemies don't chase you, go for regenerating and healing up back to full HP. If someone chases you, try to survive as long as possible.
If you manage to heal up, wait for Kolto Overload to be ready before you jump back into combat (cooldown should be at 40 seconds or less, it will be ready when you need it).

3 Damage Dealer and 1 Heal match:
Also keep a bit back, jump in. Do as much damage as you can.
First, pull your Hydraulic Override and kite as much as you can, damage from range, kite enemies mDDs. After Hydraulics wear off, activate your Kolto Overload with Warzone Adrenal. After Kolto ends, activate Energy Shield and Med Pack. After that your Hydraulics should be ready, use them again. After that your Kolto Overload should be ready again.
Focus on kiting, give your team mates the possibility to kite. Watch out when your heal is CCed. If your heal needs to cast, don't LoS him.

2 Damage Dealer, 1 Heal and 1 Tank match:
Do your DPS, use DCDs properly. Pretty much like Team Ranked.

Just BTW I main PyroTech in all contents, TR, SR and PvE (if I ever do PvE lol).

Let me know what you think.

Some general informations:
ALWAYS remind your team mates to place HoTs on you, to use dcds for you if they can. Tell them to knock the enemies when you kited them to an edge.
Explain people how Kolto Overload works and that they must not break the first CC to keep you up.

asdfjklp's Avatar

12.18.2018 , 09:39 AM | #5
Yeah, PTs and Vanguards melt like butter in Ranked Matches, let alone any Warzone out there. The defensive abilities don't last long enough, and I haven't exactly found viable rotations for both AP/Tactics or Pyrotech/Plasmatech. If anybody has a link to rotations for either of them, please post one on here, thanks!

lord-angelus's Avatar

02.20.2019 , 07:51 AM | #6
Base on my experience today, you dont. They are always on you first. Always. I'm not a pvp player but doing ok with my sin even in ranked. But witt this ap pt, jesus. I tried kiting, using dcd's. kolto overload, stuns. nothing. I'm just like dying.

xMaranathax's Avatar

03.01.2019 , 01:22 AM | #7
I had a good night in the arenas tonight, and let me tell you, its no easy feat to stay alive. I had many matches where I did less than 100k dmg in a round. Anyone who laughs, feel free to roll a PT and find out. We just don't have any survivability whatsoever.

That being said, when the enemy team didn't focus me, I was on top of the damage output for the match. If they buff dcds, they will need to nerf damage.

Talyc Manda
Aliit ori'shya tal'din

Cherepk's Avatar

03.11.2019 , 09:13 AM | #8
You basically have limited amount of time you can dps then you die. I mostly stay in the back, once game is underway charge, upload damage, try to kite. Still die half of the time but sometimes you can survive and do it again.

U get lucky sometimes and they don't focus you, they pay for it.