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Game could use a new class or two

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Game could use a new class or two

Iymurra's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 10:08 PM | #11
Operative already is a melee healer.
The "niche" you're trying to fill is already filled.

Joysie's Avatar

01.01.2020 , 07:12 AM | #12
It seems to me that you really want a melee healer.

I do this with my seer, it does actually work if you're quick enough and have decent reaction times... but the way I play was really attacked with 5.0... I'm still angry about it and still dream of double strike - not even kidding hey

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01.03.2020 , 07:09 AM | #13
I would rather they add a pool of spells ( damage mostly without any extra affects ) that different classes can use. They would be mostly for cosmetic and roll playing reasons.

For the Empire classes:
E.g. A bounty hunter selects force choke ( only minor dps no stun )
A sniper selects force lightning
A marauder selects thermal detonator

This will help with role play only. I would like to imagine I am a bounty hunter that is slightly trained in the dark side of force. Or a marauder that knows how to use tech if needed.
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Gehrik's Avatar

01.13.2020 , 08:53 AM | #14
A new class doesn't have to necessarily fit a niche. You can have multiple DPS/Tank/Heals classes that are either ranged or melee. Just to use an example, WoW has rogues and druids. Essentially the same class but totally different "flavor" and mechanics. Personally, I'd be happy with engine upgrades. Maybe fix the textures. The difference between the animations for the new content vs the original content is like night and day lol

Highallday's Avatar

01.13.2020 , 09:07 AM | #15
I've been saying for a while now they should take some classes with 3 DPS specs and provide either a healing or tanking spec. I think Concealment Operative could make a cool tank, and I'm sure there's a million creative ideas for each class/spec. They just don't do well at balancing and would take another 6 expansions to balance.

Darkchip's Avatar

01.13.2020 , 05:40 PM | #16
People have been wanting this for ages and saddly the devs already said that 99% chance they will NEVER add another class simply because the lost contact with alot of the actors and they don't want to replace them and mess up the imersion.

Now new subclasses i could kinda see working but it would really have to be a big change but i could see it being a whole xpansions big thing kinda like how in KOTOR and KOTOR2 after a point you got to pick a subclass to go along with the class you picked at the start, Like say for instance a jug could pick to be a red guard giving them access to even more armor and the defencive skills for protecting their allys or they could go a warmonger which focusses more on combat and less on defences so they get more attacking skills then defences.

stuff like that i could see happening at some point but the thing is that doing that is risky because at this point we have invested alot in our toons and we don't want to pick the wrong one and mess it up so unless they added a item to the cartel store to let us switch to the other one which would defeat the whole point of making us have to choise which one we wanted to go.

They could just make a whole new advance class for each base class but like it has been said before what roles would they fill and what would be the apeal? i can think of a few things but it's mainly just things like having a sith warrior get access to some actual sith moves like force lightning and incorpiating into their lightsaber attacks which would be bad *** but would annoy the sorcs because that was their thing and in turn the new inquisitor would have to get access to more melee attacks while also mantaining the dominice of the sith technics.

For the Agent and BH well i could see the agent getting a spec based purely around droids and probes which would be interesting since it would be the first pet class in the game and for the BH i could see them getting the Assault cannon and just going pure demoman with explosives and flamethrowers.

Like i said this is what i could see working keyword here "could" will they do it more then likely not but it would be interesting and would get me to try them out, right now honestly i have 1 of each class and i only really play at most 4 of them since i find the rest to be a bit boring so having more classes would be nice but we are never going to get a new base class because like i said they lost contact with alot of the voice acctors they used in the base game so unless the new class was made and at the lvl of the new content when we made them it will never happen saddly.