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12.02.2019 , 10:33 PM | #31
History of Nathrrya Therin-Palatine

All years are BBY

3698: Axxila sees the arrival of two young people in their mid twenties. The first is Marrick Therin a young man born from a long line of the Jedi however while he has the Force he’s nowhere near strong enough to be trained by the order but even so his force affinity helps with his job as a senior investigator for the Republic’s Justice Service. He has a brother who still lives on Coruscant, Tarrant and the two keep in regular contact.

The other is Ro’wan Palatine one of the Sith Empire’s many infiltrators, what makes her special is like Marrick she has some force affinity and her last name for she is the daughter of a very old and prestigious Sith family. Ro’wan has been sent to help infiltrate Axxila’s government and ensure the planets allegiance to the Empire when the time comes.

Not long after their arrival the two meet both socially and professionally for Marrick is Senior Chief Investigator of the Axxila Justice Service and Ro’wan is the government official in charge.

3697 to 3682: Over the next 16 years Marrick and Ro’wan become good friends, rumours even start that they may be romantically involved but nether say anything to confirm or deny these. Ro’wan has also been in regular contact with her parents who are both senior Sith. They take the news of her romantic interest in a man of Jedi lineage quite well they even go so far as to give their daughter their blessing should her romance lead to marriage. Ro’wan knows her parents well enough to know they are up to something though she is uncertain as to what it could be at this time.
3681: The Sith Empire invades the Galactic Republic though it takes several months for the Republic to realise this. Ro’wan confides in Marrick that she is a citizen of the Sith Empire as are a number of other key members of Axxilan government. There soon should be a small Imperial task force arriving to officially clam Axxila for the Empire. She fears this will end their romance.

Marrick responds by saying he had known for a while she had been hiding something from him though he had no idea what it was. He surprises Ro’wan by asking her to marry him for she might be an Imperial be he loves her. This compels her to confess her Sith heritage warning him that if they do have children and they are strong in the force they will have to be trained as Sith. Marrick accepts this and later in the year the two are married.
3679: Marrick’s brother Tarrant contacts him with the news that he and his wife have had a son, Casavir who is strong in the Force and will be trained as a Jedi eventually.

3678 to 3663: Marrick and Ro’wan welcome their daughter, Nathrrya. Marrick informs his brother that he now has a daughter though it’s too early to tell of she’ll be strong in the Force. For the next fifteen years Nathrrya’s childhood is relatively normal as she went to school like anyone else. She is somewhat spoiled by her parents as she knows nothing but love from them both. Nathrrya is also aware of her cousin Casavir though the two have yet to actually meet. Everything changed for Nathrrya when she was fifteen as this was when her force abilities began to manifest when in an effort to protect some of the younger girls at her school she unleashed a very strong force push on a group of boys sending them flying and injuring several of them badly. The young woman’s desire to train to be a starship mechanic and engineer come to an abrupt halt but she never totally gives up on the notion.

3663 to 3643: The next twenty years see Nathrrya trained in the ways of the Force and the Sith though Marrick teaches to her what he can about the Jedi and their ways. Usually Nathrrya should have been sent to Ziost then later Korriban for training however due to her being a Palatine her powerful Sith family had her trained on Axxila exclusively by people they trusted she was even trained by her mother’s parents though she did not know them as such.

Ro’wan’s parents wanted to see Nathrrya’s potential for themselves and they were more than impressed. Nathrrya preferred to use her brain, logic, reason and persuasion to solve problems and get what she wanted though she wasn’t afraid to use her lightsabre if need be. To them she was the best of both her bloodlines as she had traits of Jedi and Sith. Nathrrya controlled the Dark Side and it did not control her. A rare thing for any Sith to master much less one so young.

It was a very bitter realisation for Nathrrya to realise that her Sith grandparents saw her as nothing more than a grand genetic experiment. Sith had a preoccupation with bloodlines and hers to put it mildly was... unique. Nathrrya angry at what she had discovered had confronted her parents wanting to know if their family life was all an act and was she the product of Sith seduction.

Her mother, Ro’wan had been shocked as was her father Marrick. Both parents told their only child that no, she was not the product of seduction and that their family life was no act. Ro’wan had gone on to explain that was why Nathrrya didn’t have any siblings as much as they wanted to have more children they couldn’t put them through what Nathrrya now was having to deal with. If nothing else the whole fiasco had made Nathrrya determined to succeed if for no other reason than she could say ‘kriff you’ to her grandparents.

Nathrrya’s lightsabre was unique as she was for the blade was longer than a traditional single bladed lightsabre and it was violet in colour she had also built it herself much like a Jedi would. For Nathrrya the hardest part had been finding the right colour crystal for her weapon but eventually it found her. The young woman was wondering one of the markets and she passed near a stall selling ornamental crystals unbeknownst to the stall owner one crystal could be used in a lightsabre and the violet crystal called to the force user as she drew near. Those present swore that the crystal began to glow. Nathrrya summoned the crystal to her hand and she was still a good ten feet away shocking most everyone. Nathrrya went home very happy.

3643: Saw Nathrrya sent to Korriban for her dark side trials which was part of a plot by the Palatine’s to bring down Darth Baras. As such she could not use her lightsabre and had to restrain herself to maintain the illusion she was just another acolyte, which was so far from the truth it wasn’t funny. Baras fell for the ruse and Nathrrya became his apprentice.

3642 to 3637: Nathrrya found herself in the middle of a renewed galactic war. It wasn't all bad for she met Malavai Quinn on Balmorra. Nathrrya would also meet her cousin Casavir for the first time on Nar Shadda and come face to face with Lord Synge, also known as K'Natara, another apprentice of Darth Baras and the one attempting assassination against Nathrrya. She and her cousin would team up on Tatooine and again on Belsavis and several other worlds most notably on Rishi and Yarvin 4.

Nathrrya and Quinn travelled to Quesh where they met up with Lord Synge again. Nathrrya and Synge get into a heated lightsabre battle where Synge was hit across the face with the tip of Nathrrya's blade, causing her to become scarred in the process. At this point, Quinn stepped in between, confessing to Nathrrya that he wasn't going to allow her to kill his daughter. This was a shock to Nathrrya but she relented and Quinn attended his daughter. Days later Synge disappeared.

On mission on the icy world of Hoth, Nathrrya and Quinn meet up with a Cypher Agent, introduced as Jaena. Nathrrya, once again, was shocked to learn that Quinn had another daughter. Quinn also met this daughter's husband and Nathrrya became aware of the disjointed family relationship between Quinn and his children.
Quinn makes an attempt on Nathrrya's life, letting her know that he had been in the service of Darth Baras the entire time. He fails in his attempt but while it left a crushing weight on Nathrrya's heart, she spares his life. This act of unconditional kindness is forwarded to both Jaena and Tara and both girls choose to side with Nathrrya's logic.
Meeting up with her cousin Casavir, Nathrrya calls on the help of Jaena, Tara and their crews to aid her in the battle against Revan on Yavin-4. With the completion of a successful operation against the Temple Revan was using it was discovered that the Sith Emperor was released back into the Galaxy. Nathrrya, Casavir, Tara, Jaena and company make a truce and become allies in the hunt for the Emperor.

Nathrrya and Tara then are sent to Ziost where activity has been discovered of brainwashed citizens and Force Users. Here Nathrrya meets Darth Nox, a prominent member of the Dark Council and Nox's mother, Darth Occulas. Tara reveals that they are her mother and grandmother, respectively. During the mission things get out of hand on the planet. Tara and Nathrrya made it safely back to the orbital station but Nox and Occulas were trapped on the planet. Nathrrya had gone back planet side to unleash a plan that would bring the citizens out of the trance had it succeeded. However, the Emperor was unleashing the biggest attack against the planet, attempting to consume it entirely. Nathrrya had limited time to escape and even though she tried to free the two captive Dark Council members, Nox and Occulas urged her to go. Nathrrya made it back to the station just in time for the attack to wipe out all life on the planet, causing all of the Force Sensitive people on the station to experience mind-altering side effects.

Tara snapped during this void and attacked Nathrrya, angry at her for leaving her mother and grandmother to die. Nathrrya defended herself and had to physically harm Tara to stop her. Tara's then husband, Leyland Ordo, and Quinn got in the way to break them up. Tara was infuriated and parted on extremely bad terms with Nathrrya because of what happened.

3636: Nathrrya vanishes from the galactic record. The Empire of Zakuul attacks both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire but Nathrrya’s disappearance remains unexplained.

32: Nathrrya is released from her carbnoite prison and soon finds herself drawn into the Naboo crisis.
"Korriban’s a rock, mind the Sith." -Jolee Bindo.

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12.06.2019 , 04:02 PM | #32
Sith Marauder-Adormtil

Born as the oldest of 2 fraternal twins from different fathers but the same mother and an strong sith lord with an significant power base on Ziost, Adormtil as the one with force sensitivity or better said stronger force sensitivity by others among the 2 twins was trained by his mother and the best sith teachers credits can buy. His talent was so great and his force connection so powerful that by the age of 12 he surpassed his teachers in lightsaber combat and by 8 his mother in the force.

As heir apparent of his mother's power base as an sith lord his future was bright but all ended in one fateful day when as sith are known for fall to all kinds of power plays. In this case his mother backed an faction in the empire that tried to eliminate or at worst bring low the mighty Darth Malgus an hero of the empire and action that backfired badly as Darth Malgus started to eliminate the faction personally and one of his victims was Adormtil's mother and all her power base. The assault was merciless Darth Malgus began cutting trough the troops the family had destroying their defenses with incredible precision and power. An mansion guarded by over 200 soldiers and fortified with the best defense technology available back then was simply unable to withstand Darth Malgus who with his lightsaber and his force powers killed almost all the soldiers and disabled all the defenses reaching the inner sanctum where Adormtil and his mother where.

The sith lord tried her best against Darth Malgus unleashing an powerful storm of force lighting on Darth Maglus who simply tanked it after which in less then 2 moves he penetrated the lightsaber defense of Adormtil's mother and killed her, the went with speed towards Adormtil who using the force took the lightsaber his mother used and dueled Darth Malgus which to the surprise of the mighty sith warrior and hero of the empire managed to keep up with him for an while until the experience Darth Malgus had proved its value and penetrated the young warriors defense and managed an slash on his face right above his right eye stunning the young warrior, a pause that would have meant death if an volley of blasters did not took Malgus by surprise some even hitting Malgus but most being repelled. In that day Adormtil was saved by certain death by his brother as the volley allowed the young warrior to flee to an hidden space shuttle which was ready to take him to Korriban.

His mother planned to send her son to Korriban at the invitation of an teacher there who needed help to convince an powerful Darth to take an more suitable apprentice of an more distinguished lineage and an sith lord's son is an distinguished lineage indeed. After the death of his mother and the possible death of his brother and an scar over his right eye and all the fortune and power of his family gone Adormtil decided to pursue this opportunity with more conviction as he knows this is an way to regain everything lost and more but more importantly its an path for more power for power is what will prevent him from losing everything all over again.