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Feeling Nerfed

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12.04.2014 , 11:59 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MaricAndrellian View Post
They stated, for months, DPS was going to be lowered - "nerfed". It was probably necessary- dos numbers were getting out of hand. This brought the classes as a whole, back. Iit should also make the content more challenging. Which, in a video game, isn't that why we're here?

Sure it won't be popular - but look at the big picture
Then they should have done the same on NPC's too.

Me, Now longer Hybrid
Going to Oricon, H2+ Quest Done is FAR to many times before, no issue.

Sith Lightning Sorcerer, 180 Gear, 156 Artifact Aug, Willpower Stim
Comp, Xalek, Tank Stance, 168/180 Gear, MK-8 Artifact Aug

I get my arse handed to me not once but twice on a single boss mob that I did solo before with gear far worse then I have now. after trying it twice I decided to leave and as so many others before me cancel Sub.

Oricon should in no way be hard to do, since they give you 156 gear as rewards, and with the gear I now how I should still be able to solo all of Oricon, I can't even take down 4 Elite there anymore that I did in the past.

They done so many misstakes with 3.0 I don't care to count them all and mind you, I haven't even tried the NEW content yet, I did focus on Crafters since that what I enjoy, MY misstake, screwed over once more.

This have gone TO far, Nerf us fine, but then you NERF, ALL pre 60 content too......
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