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Dyes: does anyone at Bioware understand Colour Theory?

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Dyes: does anyone at Bioware understand Colour Theory?

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05.14.2013 , 05:46 PM | #1
Ok, I get that there must be technical reasons why Bioware have chosen the system of preset colour combinations, rather than the more flexible type of dye system found in many other MMOs.

But do all the colour combinations have to be so horrendous? The crafted dyes were always likely to be ugly and bland because they want to push people to the Cartel Market. But even most of the Cartel Market dye combinations are pretty horrendous too.

Does anyone at Bioware understand basic Colour Theory? It's like they gave a bunch of school kids some crayons and asked them to pick some colour combinations. Primary colours everywhere, many of them clashing, no style, panache, subtlety or nuance to any of it.

Now I realise that it's a matter of taste and that everyone has different colour perception. But this is precisely the point, everyone has dfiferent preferences and with preset colour combinations it is really hard for players to get the look they want.

I just don't understand why they couldn't have designed a system where players can purchase or unlock the colours they want on the CM and then use them in primary and secondary slots how they want. I'm sure they would make FAR more money on the Cartel Market through specific dye unlocks than the current system of preset combinations obtained through a lottery.