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Imperial and Republic shuttle (centerpiece hook)

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Imperial and Republic shuttle (centerpiece hook)

Fallenius's Avatar

10.20.2019 , 05:50 PM | #1
There are already 2 starship hooks with multiple imp and pub shuttles but a single centerpiece hook with just 1 shuttle for each faction would make sense since you have shuttles on the fleet, most planets and in the small cutscene when entering the guild flagship. It will also finally give you a logic way of displaying how you get to the coruscant and the dromund kaas stronghold.

MacCleoud's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 10:15 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Fallenius View Post
Here is where your statement became flawed.....

I love the suggestion though, especially since you can now set your entry point to the "landing pad" that doesn't have a shuttle to put in the hook. I have an Alliance/Zakuul Fighter in those two areas on mine just to have a ship there.

Fallenius's Avatar

10.28.2019 , 12:42 AM | #3
Yea. just as you said. Now we can change arival point. Sure we can put a fighter on the landingpad or whatever but most planets you land on have the shuttle as entrypoint. It’s either that or ”planet starport”. 1 exception is Oricon that have a beacon for some reason 😂 My point is that Since all stronholds doesn’t have starship hooks Then centerpiece hooks with shuttles seems like a good idea. I would also like to see an animation when you use quicktravel, fleetpass or priority transport. Like a shuttle flying in while you wait the 5 seconds to depart.