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Kel dor playable race?

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10.27.2020 , 03:56 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by MattKoon View Post
Now, I don't know how complicated it would be for the amazing team at BW to accomplish this, but it's definitely a possibility.
One point that ForceShaman overlooked in that conversation is the ineffectiveness of warnings.

If you put them as just text, a substantial fraction won't read it.

If you put them as popups with confirm/cancel options, a smaller fraction will just click "confirm" because there's "some stupid popup" in the way of them playing.

If you put a KOTOR-style cutscene *and* a popup, a non-zero fraction will cliick through it regardless and then complain that they accidentally created a Kel Dor that can't romance anyone. Er. That isn't a joke. We've had at least one person who claimed to have *accidentally* started the Jedi Under Siege // Ossus story.
Quote: Originally Posted by MattKoon View Post
I would definitely be happy if we got a companion though!
Sure, that could work.
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