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A Good BH Tanking Spec?

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12.13.2011 , 11:41 PM | #1
I'm thinking about rolling a Shieldtech Bounty Hunter but since I never progressed that far in the beta (and I went Arsenal at any rate), I'm curious if this looks like it would be a reasonable tanking spec:

My Shieldtech Spec

I think I've got the Shieldtech parts right, but I'm not sure about whether or not I'm spending my points right in Prototype and Firebug. It seems like any talents that boost fire damage or crits would be a must given the emphasis on fire-related attacks in the Shieldtech tree.

I should also note that this is strictly a PvE spec. I had originally taken No Escape, Neural Overload, and Prototype Electro Surge for PvP, but it just doesn't seem practical to dilute the build that way.

I welcome any comments and feedback.

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12.13.2011 , 11:42 PM | #2
Whoops, this was in the wrong window. Please close this thread and I'll post in the Bounty Hunter forum.