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Why are my Star Fortress decorations binding?

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Why are my Star Fortress decorations binding?

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02.23.2021 , 12:52 PM | #31
Well, it looks like even 6 years doesn't fix this "known bug." This is still happening with the Factory Welding Droid, the Incomplete and Complete Skytrooper Chasis, and the Skytrooper Model Display Tube.

I'm simply unwilling to spend millions on buying one off of the GTN just so I can sell them back on the GTN. That's not a gamble I'm willing to take.

Quote: Originally Posted by Artemisis View Post
Right...customer service in this game is among some of the worst in any MMO I have ever played. I can confirm buying one and the whole stack becomes unbound actually works.
I concur. Case in point, before finding this thread, I submitted this issue as a bug in-game and the response from the rep that closed my ticket was to repair my game. They didn't even read my bug report.

Absolutely, by far, the worst MMO customer service I have ever encountered in my nearly 20 years of playing online games.

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