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Ancient Dark Guardians - Recruiting for DPS for prog team!!!

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Ancient Dark Guardians - Recruiting for DPS for prog team!!!

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01.15.2021 , 11:02 AM | #1
<Ancient Dark Guardians> - ADG guild is looking for NIM prog team Members on IMP side!!!

2 x DPS (if possible with Tank as secondary role for when needed tank back up) for one of our NIM Teams!
This team in question is TIMED team that has all old NIMs cleared. For now team cleared SNV TIMED and TFB TIMED atm on DP. Due to RL schedules and few members leaving game new spots opened. Atm team has 9 members (and we always run 11 for best optimized roaster ).

Requirements: - have experience and clears in NIMs. Preferably all old nims clears (brontes not needed). You will need few alts (3 at least) to join our guild in order to be part of prog (u dont have to join before your trial ends). To add you need to be fresh active raider who knows tactics for boss fights or in worst case needs little refresher on certain fights and bosses tactics..

Raid days - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 8:30 pm CET (gmt+1).

for more info feel free to type in this thread or for faster reply direct message me on discord - emperorsiddiouse#8974
Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians