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Why I'm done with PvP

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Why I'm done with PvP
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Today , 12:33 PM | #381
Quote: Originally Posted by happerycube View Post
I don't quite understand people who want to kill skanks. If you do that, no one will want to play tanks again as dpsing is the only viable way for them to be threatening and scare away that annoying opera sitting on their healer or whatever, right now.
Who's gonna protect you from the insane bursts of Operatives and PTs then ? Maybe adjust skanks but don't outright "kill" them.

If anything, devs should buff the other tanks to the level of juggs and buffs the other dps to the level of PTs and ops (buffs across the board, not just damage) Now that would be interesting.
it's a problem when the most effective build for a spec is to pick up the set pieces intended for not only a different spec but an entirely different role. that said, I don't think tanks running around with dps set pieces has ever been a problem in pvp. the problem was certain dps classes being able to fill the role of tank effectively -- mostly a solo rated issue as it makes matchmaking by role (the 1st priority of matchmaking) too complicated for the system.

a dps running around WZs swapping guard with high endurance or a tank smashing with dps gear has always been inconsequential b/c WZs never had finite role matching, nor is such a thing really possible when mixing groups of 2-4 with solos.