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What quantifies someone as an Ace?

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What quantifies someone as an Ace?

ForceValor's Avatar

09.16.2020 , 02:50 AM | #11
Has nothing to do with versatility on each ship. If you can perform well and consistently you can be considered an ace even if it's on a single favorite. Though the Flashfire and similar ships are a bit cheesy so I wouldn't count getting kills in those to be any great accomplishment. I have a video on youtube where I went 20+ to zero. I stopped using them after that.
And if you want something concrete, how about a consistent 7 to 1 kill death ratio in games? 7 kills makes an ace in real life after all.

Stradlin's Avatar

09.16.2020 , 03:45 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by ForceValor View Post
And if you want something concrete, how about a consistent 7 to 1 kill death ratio in games? 7 kills makes an ace in real life after all.
You can always spot people who care a great deal about their KDR. People who fly to live in sat matches and people who fly to win in sat matches don't always overlap much. I've seen lots of..seemingly unlikely departures from satelites when heroic death after buying team a few extra seconds would have been all it took. Person after that 7:1 ratio sticks to green sat or capital ship in unbalanced games and won't try anything too daring and desperate in situations that a good pilot might turn by being daring and desperate. Real good KDR might make one an ace but chasing it too much often makes one less of an ace;p

If one has some sort of a Sunday ship you take out only in 3-0 or 50-3 steamroll matches, then how much weight does some 10:1 ratio have anyway.? There are exceptions..I remember well an insane bomber pilot from Proge who'd throw his ugly cash shop bomber to all the tough matches and all the hairy places and simply refused to die.

Loadsamonie's Avatar

09.23.2020 , 11:30 PM | #13
I don't know if I qualify as an Ace or not, that would probably fall on a player like Rhea Hawk to decide. But I do try and maintain a positive K/D every game and contribute in some way (defending satellites/callouts, attacking when I know I have a reasonable chance of being able to take it or at least cause enough ruckus to make taking another satellite easier, constantly deroosting Gunships, etc).

I'm almost to 2.0 K/D and 4.0 average kills per game. But I know there's a lot more to being a good pilot.

Also, since I literally fly nothing but Scouts (Lights/Pods T1, Bursts/Clusters T2, switching depending on whether I'm dogfighting, jousting, popping gunships or assaulting satellites), I'm inexperienced with all other ships, so I'm definitely not an "Ace" in that regard.