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Curated List of Threads

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04.28.2019 , 03:26 AM | #1
Over the years some members of my team and I have made many helpful threads on these forums to inform everyone on different aspects of the game. Lately while I've been teaching or just answering peoples questions, I've been having to go find many different links to all sorts of threads. To help streamline the process and to help others trying to find all this information I'm going to compile a list to a bunch of other threads on this forum I think would be helpful to others playing GSF.

This is a Power management guide, with a bunch of info on power settings and how to use that information.

This is list of my Personal ship builds, I try to keep it updated as often as I think of it, add the changes I make as a reply in the thread.

This was a few interesting things we discovered while using the GSF Custom maps so we could easily test them out.

This was some of the compositions and strategies my team and I use in different types of maps.

This was a showing of the "breakpoints" for when you'll finish off a target even though he has full shields up for Slug Railgun.

This was a bunch of different Strike Fighter builds showing just how many different ways you can build these things depending on what job you want to specialize in. While some of these builds might have fallen out of style, the descriptions on how to fly the ships are still very relevant.

This was a quick list of things you might not know about GSF.

This was a list of GSF Shorthand or Abbreviations players use on the forums or in chat.

This was the first 2 maps to the Damage Overcharges on Lost Shipyards and Kuat Mesas. Sadly many of the links have become innactive however the "Linuxizer DO Maps" one still works which has the 2 maps.

This was the map to the Damage Overcharges on Battle for Iokath.

This was a guide for Total Beginners.

This was some tips on how to use Tensor Field effectively.

This was a full guide to all the cosmetics in GSF.

This is a guide to the now famous Pile Driver build.

As I find more useful threads I'll add them to the list.
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05.19.2019 , 08:14 AM | #2
Fanastic list my good man! I would like to add some videos on how to defeat a premade with only 1 super ace

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05.24.2019 , 08:33 PM | #4
congratulatons u kill me with emp field scavenge kill lol

and siraka beat me with a strike, everyone knows strikes are OP lol. i challenge him to come at me scout vs scout like a real man

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