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Commendations: Mods or Gear?

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Commendations: Mods or Gear?

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03.12.2012 , 11:27 AM | #11
Am I the only one that holds out for the purple bag that costs 24 comms?
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03.12.2012 , 03:09 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Eternalnight View Post
Well, it's not that hard to calculate.

Let's say you had an orange chest armor.
3 modification slots

Armoring 7 commendtions
Mod 2 commendations
Enhancement 2 commendations


Buying all new orange chest armor with equivalent mods already in it
12 commendations


that being said, it really comes down to if you like the looks of your old armor better than whatever new piece you would replace it with.
sometimes the gear might actually come with better mods that you can buy, so it can be worth it.

mods like resolve are usually a lower level than the standard ones, so an orange peice with resolve mods on can have high level mods