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Open World Pvp War event

Leifypoo's Avatar

06.27.2019 , 01:00 AM | #1
Evening all, i am organizing this Open World Pvp War where all guilds and individuals may participate. We will be organizing groups to complete their respective objectives that directly throws participants into combat with the opposite faction, also depending on the role participants may be holding an outpost to defend their VIP or attacking an outpost in order to defeat the opposite VIP. Their is much more going on as well considering these groups will be coordinating with eachother as objectives change and the field of battle change. We wish to highlight everyones talents, and specialties. This is both a good way to bring everyone together and yet again kill if you'd like We will have referees as well to maintain rules and keep an eye on objectives. The entire map is your battlefield as it should be.
Event will take place July 20th, however invite cut offs are July 15th, so join before then. Planet has been decided. Groups will start forming July 1st. Group requests will be cut off July 1st. Faction changes will be cut off July 1st. Transports will not be allowed. Discord is mandatory, but do not need a mic.
What we offer
We will supply medpacks, and stims. The winning faction participants will gain 1mil each! We also offer a much more organized open world pvp experience that is satisfactory to both pvp and rp preferences.
Join us @