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11.21.2020 , 03:26 PM | #1
I was wondering how i get correct stats .
I was looking vulkk guide and i saw that i need 1590% accuracy.
Where do i get that amount accuracy and other statistics?

Erevan_Kindelar's Avatar

11.21.2020 , 04:35 PM | #2
As you progress through the game, you will find gear that has those statistics on them. However, the guides only become relevant when you are at max level and you want to tackle some of the non-story content. Prior to that, ignore the stat values in the guides and just work on the ability rotations... but also bear in mind that the ability rotations given in the guides assume you are max level and have unlocked all abilities. So if you are not max level, and the guide mentions an ability you do not currently have, assume that you will unlock it at some point during the leveling process.

The guides typically assume you will be using gear shells - gear that by itself has no stats on it, to which you will add various additional items - armorings, modules, enhancements, hilts/barrels for weapons, and so on. Those will give you much more fine control over which statistics you prioritise than you will get from using looted gear/mission rewards.
Those additional items are available from gear and mod vendors on the fleet, or they are crafted by players and can be bought on the GTN.
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11.21.2020 , 06:23 PM | #3
In addition to what Erevan_Kindelar said: Accuracy required is 110% which can be achieved by having an Accuracy rating of 1590. This is required for DPS disciplines, but only if you're doing endgame content like Operations; for other content, you don't need that much. It is usually achieved through Enhancements, Earpiece, Implants, Augments, and possibly a Stim.

Your stats come from:
- Armorings / Hilts / Barrels
- Modifications
- Enhancements, Earpiece, Implants
- Color Crystals
- Augments
- Stim (8 hours at a time)

Other sources of stats shouldn't be included when comparing against guide values:
- Relics (periodically and temporarily)
- Adrenal (very temporarily)
- Guild Perks
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11.22.2020 , 08:42 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by miskuu View Post
I was wondering how i get correct stats .
I was looking vulkk guide and i saw that i need 1590% accuracy.
Where do i get that amount accuracy and other statistics?
The accuracy is expressed as either 1590 'points' or 110%, but not both.
Your base stats are mainly obtained by a combination of Enhancements, Earpiece and Implants. These can be juggled around depending upon what drops you get, etc.
Basically, I'd recommend 110% Accuracy, Alacrity around 1213**, and the rest in Critical.
You can also use Augments to tweak your stats. I mostly use Critical augments.

** Whatever the base number is to get a 1.4 second global cool down. A handy thing is to use a clickable Alacrity Relic to give you a 30 sec increase in Alacrity - which basically puts you into a 1.3 sec GCD. (Use the clicky Alacrity instead of a Power relic, when power is capped due to scaling.)
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