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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread

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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread
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11.04.2019 , 01:29 PM | #301
After successfully farming Martinique Desler on CZ-198 3x i decided I wanted to have this mount again. It took me 6 hours. I have already filled out a bug report with the exact dates and times and on the Star Forge server. I also submitted messages to both Keith Kanneg and Eric Musco to help resolve and escalate issue. Nothing or no one has contacted me.

The 4th toon tried to farm after 6 hours and Martinique spawned but no loot at all. just a dead body. This was last monday Oct 28, 2019. I decided well, maybe after server rest on Tuesday Oct 29, 2019 it should resolve. I was incorrect. Toon #5 after farming 10 hours before Martinique Desler spawned on CZ-198 and again same issue bug. She did not drop her guaranteed loot of the Desler Explorer Mount. Here is the link from dulfy and tons of comments from gamers and their experiences with farming and time it takes to get this mount.

This is beyond frustration. I took a 3 year hiatus to come back to this. Thank God I play WoW, which helps me to relax and be cool. Please Devs if you are reading this please help so others do not have the same issue and frustration. Thank you.
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11.04.2019 , 02:11 PM | #302
I don't know if this is a bug or if they made changes, but you no longer gain kill count for companions while in an Ops or FP.

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11.04.2019 , 03:50 PM | #303
Quote: Originally Posted by corandax View Post
The "Reset Utillty Points" Buttons in the discipline window are bugged. Sometimes i can't reset my points.
Despite the fact i have unlocked it in my legacy
Now i can't even commit new points at all. The quickinfo says: "You cannot commit points if you are in a warzone" and i tested it in faction-bases on the fleet and in my stronghold.

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11.05.2019 , 12:47 AM | #304
i just cant get any mats frome nod. All i can get its level up but a dont get any mats.

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11.05.2019 , 04:55 AM | #305
Quote: Originally Posted by shippper View Post
i just cant get any mats frome nod. All i can get its level up but a dont get any mats.
Look for the new materials container on your bags. Open iventory and check the vertical icons on the left side, one of them should be for crafting mats and it'll open a window listing all the ones you have. Then you can click them to transfer them to your actual inventory.

Unless you already did that then yeah, bug.
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11.05.2019 , 06:27 AM | #306
found another bug - don't know if it was mentioned here before:

in the PACK EPLORER: when you want to claim items the "claim stack" is grayed out even if it is indeed a stack

kind of tedious to single-click-claim the 200 green jawa junk parts

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11.05.2019 , 08:48 AM | #307
I lost the will to live after getting to page 15 of this bug thread, so apologies if I'm repeating issues.

1. Deconstruction
Quote: Originally Posted by damonskye View Post
Weren't we supposed to be able to deconstruct any and all gear? I'm not able to use the deconstruct button on ANYTHING.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
It is not possible to deconstruct moddable gear after you have pulled out the armoring. Instead, you get an error message like "Wrong crew skill":
Please either ensure that gear can always be deconstructed, even without an armoring, or reword the error message to something like "Gear can only be deconstructed when it has an armoring".
Quote: Originally Posted by damonskye View Post
You can't deconstruct anything below Onderon gear (this may be intended, but it should be made clear).
I'm pretty sure on the PTS that I could deconstruct anything on my sith inq main that I copied across who only has gathering skills. I'm unable to deconstruct ANYTHING on her in live. Can there be a DEV post on exactly how deconstruction is supposed to work and what items we can deconstruct?
Edited to add: noticed that whilst playing one of my synthweavers, she can deconstruct ANYTHING gear related, regardless of level or type of item. Has deconstruction been limited to player characters with a crafting skill only? Since the returns from deconstruction are far better than I was expecting (still low but not dire), it seems very unfair to force people to take a crafting skill so they're not at a disadvantage.

2. Ship & Companions
Quote: Originally Posted by Xoonia View Post
Companions does not appear (return) to your ship after you complete onslaught. (Tested on Inquisitor).
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus_Khaar View Post
- Patch notes indicate that returning companions will be back on ships. They are NOT back on my ships.
My sith inq main does who has completed everything via the story (nothing skipped) and has back all companions either via the story or alliance alert, does NOT have any of her companions back on her ship. My 70+ Warriors, Guardians, Bounty Hunters, Agents, Sages and Smugglers all have their returned companions on their ships after 6.0.
UPDATED NOTE: This problem ONLY affects SITH INQUISITORS (Sorcerers and Assassins). No other class is affected (based on me checking all my alts - I have many).

Edited to add: Neither Kira or Scourge work correctly as stronghold decorations. Both appear as holograms in their old (class) outfits (this is on my Jedi Knight). Scourge and Kira are not available to other characters as decorations after completing Onslaught, even though they appear as main character companions. This could be because their story isn't finished?

3. Logging Out (not quitting) - extra step added.
I'm now being asked if "I'm sure I want to log out of the game". I'm sure I never had this before; we were asked if we wanted to quit the game, not just log out. It's irritating. Please stop it.

4. Vendor Icons
Not having the option to turn these off must be a bug surely? They are ruining the look of well decorated Strongholds!

5. Strongholds
Coruscant apartment is now unusable because of the new added traffic noise being unbearable because it's so loud. My republic characters in residence on Coruscant have had to move to Nar Shadaa!! Please lower the noise level of the traffic so they can return.

Rishi arrival points no longer function - when returning to Rishi, you are ported to the Overlook (apartment balcony), regardless of where your arrival point is set (I have a several characters whose arrival point is/was set to the main deck of the ship but they no longer return there). Re-setting their arrival point to main deck (once you fly up there) makes no difference. Come on devs, I spent a lot of money on my ship area so it can be a main "hub" for some of my characters. Why did break it?

EDIT TO ADD: KotET Chapter VIII (End Times) Walker Fight
The first walker fight is now completely ****ed. When fighting an enemy walker, your walker's abilities go on cooldown every time the enemy walker uses one of their abilities. How could this be allowed to happen? This makes what is already a diabolical & unavoidable part of this chapter far, far worse. If you try to heal your walker after completing a fight, this will automatically spawn the same number of enemies you just killed so you can't heal/repair A "work around" for this is to find a new "friendly" walker, stand on it and heal (since there is no way at that point to exit the walker).
To quote Homer Simpson, these walkers are now the "suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked".

Unfixed and/or unacknowledged bugs are in my top 3 reasons for unsubbing. Please pay more attention to the feedback people spend a lot of time on in this thread.
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11.05.2019 , 09:06 AM | #308
there is an annoying electric lightning sound on the republic guild flagship everywhere

As of today when i klick my skills with my mouse they often don't activate proberly. my ping is mostly as it ever is at 38-45ms

Edit: you can only deconstruct items with a rating over 260ish (i think - works for me) the first new item i got had an iRating of 268 or so. I had no problems deconstructing them

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11.06.2019 , 11:27 AM | #309
Someone has already written it on different thread but hidden achievemnt Lawbringer on Mek-sha is not obtainable

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11.06.2019 , 11:37 AM | #310
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueSparten View Post
Any word on when the next patch is released?
they to busy worried about loosing money on tulak server to fix anything else...