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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread

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List of SWTOR: Onslaught 6.0 Bugs Thread
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

tummiswtor's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 12:16 PM | #1
Put here bugs You find.

I'll start

Nautolans eyes outline is brown in character selection. In game they're Purple, no matter which eye type i choose. I clicked random 100 Times, and it always are Purple outline. In game menu are brown.

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FlavivsAetivs's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 12:31 PM | #2
Satele Shan's Dualsaber is not being recognized as a Double-Bladed Lightsaber nor does the texture/model itself work.

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Arrien_'s Avatar

10.22.2019 , 12:33 PM | #3
Groupfinder sets op difficulty to 16 man story mode.

Also, the first time we queued (for the daily, which is Monolith today) we were put in Hive Queen.

Fynnlagh's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:08 PM | #4
I'm receiving dark side points on a light side character for any diplomacy mission.
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arnesSlo's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:16 PM | #5
Can't get Jakarro as a companion at the beginning of "Relative harm" quest. Resetting doesn't help.
Also when exiting and reentering proving grounds, the royal guard and the cousin are not there.

Xerkrosis's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:24 PM | #6
Black hands in cutscenes and preview-windows with open gloves like "Resort Swimwear Gloves" or "Thexan's Gloves".
Although it only happens with female body type 1 characters I think.
(Btw you can play with the Appearance Modification terminal to see the bug)
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robwettengel's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:33 PM | #7
All mats are not being moved into the new mat storage when the button is clicked. This is effecting not only a single grade of mat, nor type. I have counted it effecting numerous items ranked from grade 2-10.

Bengartrell's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:37 PM | #8
The Smuggler who trades Components for MDC is still asking for Components. Even though they've been removed.

obek_kwae's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:39 PM | #9
Iziz sewers bugs out at find the maintenance entrance.

Entering the area isn't triggering the progress until after the guards you need to kill die (which is the next step) and therefore makes next step impossible to complete.

BlueSparten's Avatar

10.22.2019 , 01:40 PM | #10
Follow Cmd not working same as last update.