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3.0 HM Comparative Tanks Stats (KBN, Dipstick, Jethsidi)

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3.0 HM Comparative Tanks Stats (KBN, Dipstick, Jethsidi)

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04.11.2015 , 02:55 PM | #21
Mid M/R (Commanders, Bulo, Torque)

M/R+K/E: 70.0527%
F/T+K/E: 13.5172%
F/T+I/E: 16.4301%
DtPS: 4131.9

High M/R (Underlurker)

M/R+K/E: 83.2%
F/T+K/E: 16.8%
F/T+I/E: 0%
DtPS: 4217.5

Obvious things have been marked red. To conclude :
High M/R has16.8 F/T +K/E damage in it thats why absorb and shield also plays a role. Mid M/R fights have less F/T+K/E but more I/E damage. Thats why shield and absorb are not that important here.

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04.11.2015 , 03:17 PM | #22
Here are my recategorizations of the bosses. I'm categorizing now based on weighted mrke/ftke ratio, which is to say mrke/(mrke+ftke). Same general groupings apply (high>80%,low<60%,mid=remainder). Sanity check please!

Computer Programmer. Theory Crafter. Dilettante on The Ebon Hawk.
Tam (shadow tank) Tov-ren (commando healer) Aveo (retired sentinel) Nimri (ruffian scoundrel)
Averith (marksman sniper) Alish (lightning sorcerer) Aresham (vengeance jugg) Effek (pyro pt)

December 13, 2011 to January 30, 2017

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04.11.2015 , 10:13 PM | #23
Ok updated KBN new boss categorizations, hope I didn't mix up any of the rows/columns. And hmm... might need to rename "High M/R" and "Mid M/R".

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04.12.2015 , 09:54 PM | #24
This is great, thanks Leto. =)
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